Monday, June 27, 2016

June 27, 2016 - be like Nephi, not like Laman

Hi everyone!!

So last week I left Guacimo. Man. Those were honestly the best seven months of my life. I love Guacimo so much I´ll probably name my first son Guacimo. it´s a cute name, right?;) No, but really Guacimo changed my life. I enjoyed every single day, so much. I fell in love with the people there, with the little city, with the dirt roads and humidity and my companions and the ward and the plants and the animals haha. And I saw so so many miracles there. I learned so much about God´s love there, and saw His hand so much. was time to leave. When they told me on Friday I cried so much. And then Saturday and Sunday....I was totally fine! Haha I didn´t even cry when I had to give my testimony in church. But then Monday, I sure cried. my poor companion.  Haha someday I hope changes aren´t hard for me! But it´s okay. I hope soon I´ll be able to see my friends again. :)

And then I Moravia!!!! And I feel like I¨m in a different country haha. Moravia is really close to San Jose, the capital. A lot a lot of houses and businesses and cars and people!! And therés hundreds of restaraunts instead of the two that were in Guacimo. And riding buses. And real streets. and haha it´s so weird coming from Guacimo, where I felt like I had talked to everyone and everyone knew me... to here where I´ll pass a person on the street and it´s likely that I´ll never see them again because it´s SO BIG here. And therés so many people. And here is really cold. Haha...I´m sleeping with six blankets. I had forgotten what it was like to feel cold..... but it´s okay. It´ll make it easier when it´s time to come home. 

And my companion is Hermana Asencio! She is from El Salvador and I love her a lot. :) She eats fast, walks fast, and likes to sing songs in English so we get along great. She has four months on the mission, and we´re really ready to work hard and be obedient and see miracles. Right now...we don´t really have investigators, because there were some problems before in the area , and the hermanas had been working in areas that belonged to the elders.... but it´s okay! We´re ready to work hard and knock doors and talk to everyone. :) Moravia really is a great ward, with so many super strong members,and they´re working on splitting the ward, so we´re excited to see growth here.

And, the Lord really has shown tender mercies even though this week has honestly been kind of hard. I finished the Book of Mormon my last week of Guacimo, and I had started again...and I felt bad, but I just wasn´t really too motivated to start again! Because I don´t know how many times in my life I´ve read 1 Nephi haha. But has been such a tender mercy to be reading 1 Nephi right now!!!! Because it comletely relates to my life. Because Laman and Lemuel just complained when they had to leave their house, and then complained again in the desert, and complained again when they had to return to Jerusalem....and I realized that I was totally being like Laman and Lemuel with the changes. And...I don´t want to be like them!! So I decided that I´m going to be like Nephi, and do what the Lord commands. And, these next few weeks might be kind of hard as we get used to things, and find new people, and get used to the ward...but I know that the Lord has sent me here, that He always helps complete what He has commanded us to do. and that this really is His work. :) And that there are lots of prepared people here. I just really want to do the Lord´s will, my whole life. And so I will talk to people, and have lots of faith, and do the work He wants me to do here. And not be like Laman. :) 

Also...pray lots for President Hayes!!! He had to head home for some medical tests. And while he´s gone....Sister Hayes put me in charge of the pants. haha. Because in Centroamerica, the prophet has said we have to use pants. And since I¨m not STL here in the new zone because there´s already one here, Sister Hayes says she wants me to make sure that the STL gets pants for all the sisters in the mission. Hahaha I laughed so hard when she told me....cuz I was probably the sister most against using pants!!! But it´s okay. Cuz we´ll follow the prophet and be safe. And use pants. 

But yeah!! sorry this is long and not too well organized. I had lots and lots of thoughts this week. But yeah. I know that Christ lives, and that He loves us, and He really listens to our prayers and helps us when we´re feeling lost and alone, and I´ve really felt Hislove this week, lots of answers to prayers, and miracles and promptings. And I know the Church is true. And I¨m so grateful for all the experiences we havein life to help us learn and grow. And yeah. Love you all too!!!

Love, Hermana Moon

(STL = Sister Training Leader = Female Zone Leader)

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

June 13, 2016 - Saturday was a special day!


Saturday was such a special day! It was beautiful and rainy and cool and Javier and Ivania got married!! And it was so beautiful. And President Hayes and Sister Hayes came, and then they got baptized!!! I am so so grateful for all the miracles and the work of the Lord in this family. And I know for sure that in a year when they get sealed I'm coming back. So put it on the calendar Mom ;) But really I sure love them a lot, and I wish you could all know them!

and also..well...haha mostly we've just been looking for new investigators! But we've decided we're going to stop working where we've worked for the last...almost seven months haha. It's been funny, every time the elders try contacting people there, everyone says, öh, a Gringa and a short latina talked to us last week,"or, ÿeah, they've already talked to us, they came and shared something last week."haha they all joke that my mission call didn't say Costa Rica San Jose said Costa Rica, neighborhoods Geranios and Naranjos...because I"ve seriously only worked there for the last seven months. But yesterday, we decided to take a bus for a half hour and work in a new area, and we went with a wonderful family!! A friend of a member who years ago always went to church, but never got baptized because her husband didn't want anything. but we went with him, and he said that for the last couple weeks he's been thinking a lot about the church, and said that now he's interested, and we were able to put a baptismal date! So we're really hopeful with them. And hopefully we can find lots of other great people. :) 

And yeah. Everything is great! Love you all and miss you all so much!!! 

Love, Hermana Moon :) 
baptism of a beautiful family!

making tamales earlier in the month

wedding of beautiful couple before baptism

June 6, 2016 - we went to the beach!

It was a good week! Super fast. And I don't really remember what happened. But it was good! And sorry this email will be super lame because we don't have very much time today...because we went to the beach!! It was so pretty. I don't really have words to explain how perfect it is there! And I feel bad because I'm terrible at taking pictures so .... the pictures can't really explain it either haha. But anyway.....we live in such a beautiful world!! 

And the best part of this week...Javier and Ivannia and Cristy and Dilam had their interviews yesterday, and Javier and Ivannia will be getting married, and all of them will be getting baptized on Saturday!! So I hope time flies this week too. We are so excited and so so happy for them and so grateful for all the miracles we've seen with this family! 

But yeah. I hope all is well, and I love you all so much! :)
Love, Hermana Moon
hi mom! we went to the beach!

I'm glad that I live in this beautiful world Heavenly Father created for me!



I was so so so excited to see monkeys but then....they were actually terrifying!! Hermana Zerilli gave a pretzel to one of them and then I wanted the rest...because I haven't eaten pretzels for a year!! but then it kept staring at us, and following us, and then it charged after us for the pretzels! So I had to throw the bag and we had to run. Then they just kept stealing food from everyone!

May 30, 2016 - 12 Things I've Learned in 12 Months as a Missionary

Hey everyone! :) 

So this week I finished one year as a missionary! And it feels the same haha. But, anyway, we celebrated by painting rocks and eating papaya, so it was a good day. I've been thinking about the last 12 months of my life,'s some things I've learned! 

12 Things I've Learned in 12 Months as a Missionary: 

1. God is our Loving Heavenly Father. I"ve felt so much closer to my Heavenly Father in this time, and felt His love so much, and seen His love for the people here, and His tender mercies. 

2. The Gospel Blesses Families. There is such a difference in a family who lives the gospel principles, who prayers together and reads together and goes to church, than the families who don't. And that's why we really have the we can achieve happiness as families in this life, and be able to be with them throughout eternity. God has such a beautiful plan for all His children!

3. Heavenly Father Reveals His gospel in Every Dispensation....haha well yeah. I've studied and understood more that. but that's not something I've really learned haha 

3. Hair grows. But sometimes really really slowly. so be really really careful before chopping off a lot of hair

4. It's completely fine to eat rice and beans for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And it actually is if I don't eat rice for a day I feel like something  is really missing in my life

5. Also, it's totally normal to eat rice and beans with spaghetti. or with potatoes. And eating all three together is super normal too. who needs vegetables....

6. The people of Costa Rica are so wonderful!! I have felt so, so much love from people that I've only known for a few months, or even just days. I love Ticos. They're pretty pura vida. 

7. Sloths are the cutest animals. And lizards are a close second. 

8. The Church is true!!! and it's growing. Hearts of people are being prepared every day, and the Lord literally puts people in our path. The field truly is white, and ready to harvest. 

9. It feels like Christmas every time we get the new Liahona every month,  

10. Spanish. well. mas o menos. I sure try at least!;) 

11. People have their agency. And sometimes they use it in not the best of ways. And it can be really, really hard to realize that. The hardest part of the mission isn't leaving your family, or learning a new language. It's heartbreaking when people you love say that they're not coming to go back to the church, that they don't want to hear more about the gospel. This week that happened with Marvin and Marcela....and it was really, really sad. But it's okay. Because I have faith that one day two missionaries will knock on their door and this time they'll accept! I know that the time is different for every person, every family. 

12. And...people have their agency! and lots of times they use it to make wonderful decisions!! :) And there is so, so much joy in seeing people change their lives, feel the Spirit, receive answers to their prayers. The First Presidency Message at the beginning of Preach My Gospel says, "More happiness awaits you than you have ever experienced as you labor among His children." And, a year ago, I didn't understand that statement at all, and I don't know if I really believed in it! But now I know. There is so much joy in sharing the gospel. And I have been happier this year than ever in my life. I know that this is the work of the Lord, that the gospel brings so much happiness to our lives. and I am so so grateful for the choice I made in serving a mission. It's changed my life, and I have felt so much joy and love for my Heavenly Father and His children. 

And....yeah! sorry the list is kinda random I don't really have time to write it well haha. but yeah. things really are great here. And I hope everyone has a wonderful week!! :) 

Love, Hermana Moon!