Tuesday, December 6, 2016

December 5, 2016 - saying goodbye

She didn't really write an email today, but sent me some pics and some quick messages.  Thank you all for the prayers and support you've given her. 

Todd wrote her:  Holy Cow!  Last week!  Not that we are counting down, but you have fewer hours left than Spencer has weeks.

Are you sure we don’t need to come down and pick you up?  Because it is bound to be warmer down there, and it has gotten really cold here.  You are going to freeze!  Maybe we should all have Christmas in C.R. and stay until it warms up again in Utah.

She wrote back: yeaaaah come here pleeeaase!!!!!!!!!!!!! let's live in costa rica til may!! I have lot of friends here. and you could get lots of latino frineds. and practice your spanish. and we could preach the gospel together!! commmeeeee 


this doesn't even do it justice. It was a lot bigger here it is kinda curled up.

My companion killed it with the broom. 

Really it was like the size of my face 

I am gonna come home with zika (not really)

We're leaving Moravia! woohoo! Actually it's sad. Moravia is super cool. 

and Hazel and Ariel. LOVE them. They gave me the cutest note. I am excited to show you it .