Tuesday, January 12, 2016

January 11, 2016 - "the best"

Hi family!!!!!! 

Meeting Hna Tabora
Holy cow. This week has been so, so great. I don't even know. My new companion is the best, Costa Rica is the best, the gospel is the best. 

My new companion is Hermana Tabora, from Honduras!! I like her a whole lot. 

We've really seen so so many miracles this week, in finding people who are so prepared. My companion is so in tune with the Spirit!!!! I'm kind of more used to just go, go, go, but she was like, hermana, can we talk to that guy? Can we ask that house for directions? And these have been people so prepared. 
The new missionaries and their trainers

The guy we talked to, his name is Jose. We have some cards for mormon.org, and they're different colors. So my comp has them upsidedown, and asks him to pick a color. And the card says, Como puedo criar una familia feliz, segura, y firme? How can I have a family happy, secure, and strong? And he said we could come visit him, and like 5 days later when we visited, he still had the card and he said it changed him. He told us he has a vicio, marijuana, but he really wants to change. he came to church on Sunday and LOVED it...he seriously was like taking every word, and every scripture and I could just see that he was like thirsty to learn more in Principios de evangelio! And then during Priesthood, the elders here talked to him, explained prophets, gave him a book of Mormon, and we-re going to do a Noche de Hogar with members with him tonight. He called us yesterday, and said he loved church, but felt sad that when he left it was like falling into the world again. I don't know. He is seriously incredible. 

Also, we have an investigator, Ashley! She's 14, and we just knocked doors like my first week, taught a lesson, but didn't go back for awhile. But she went to church last week, and loved it. She said she was looking for the church where she could be closest to God, because she was Catholic but didn't feel anything. we invited her to baptism again, but said she wasn't sure. The next day we went with her, and she said she prayed, and knew this was the church! She couldn't go to church yesterday because she was sick, but pray that she gets better so she can come this next week!! 

Pic from Vale Hernandez - feliz cumpleanos!

Also, we are teaching two boys, Amin and Jaikly. They LOVE church, and say every week they want to go. Yesterday they couldn't go either...they were sick...everyone here is jaja....but they love the Book of Mormon, and praying. Right now we're hoping that their dad will let them go to the Stake Primary Campomento,

because the dad is really duro and is seriously halting their progression. But, the mom wants them to go, wants them to be baptized, so we're really hoping that they can be baptized the 23rd! 

Seriously, there are miracles happening here every day. God is hastening His work.  And I'm just falling in love with these people, this country, more and more every day. I love this gospel so so much, I love the Book of Mormon, I love being a missionary! 
papaya tree

And I love you all a lot too!! :) Have an amazing week!! 

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