Wednesday, February 3, 2016

February 1, 2016 - the Spirit is the most important aspect of this work

The entire East Mission 
Dear family,
Happy February! :) 

Elder Cook came!! So we had a meeting with the other mission in Costa Rica with him. It was so cool to hear the testimony of him. I know that the prophet and apostles really are special witnesses of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ really lives, and loves us. I know that the prophet and apostles are really called of God to help spread the gospel to all the world! It was a really neat experience being with him. This work is real!

Also, Jose got baptized this week. Yay! It was such a neat experience too. He was so happy. It was crazy...we had our first lesson with him January 9, and he got baptized Janauary 29...changing your life completely in 20 days! But he was so so ready. The district leader said that after he didn't know if there was another person that understood so well the importance of being baptized. And he went to Institute also on Saturday, and loved it, and just wants to know everything! I'm so so grateful for the miracle that we had in finding him, in having the opportunity in teaching him, the help from the members that we had with him!

And I learned really, the Spirit is the most important aspect of this work. Thinking back on the first day we found him...if my companion hadn't said that she wanted to go back to talk to him, that she felt we needed to talk to him, who knows when he would have found the church! And he said he'd been praying to God for help to change his life. Anyway. God really, really answers prayers, and the Spirit is so real! Lots of times we're running from appointment to appointment, but we need to give time to listen to the Spirit, even when there's lots of voices in the world trying to distract us, but we need to focus on the most important things.

Anyway, love you lots!! Have a great week!
On the bus to the mission conference
Jose's baptism
Love, Hermana Moon

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