Wednesday, March 9, 2016

March 7, 2016 - super grateful for commandments

Hey family!
This week was good! It was fun finding new investigators who are super good, and seeing the Lord's hand in helping us know which doors to knock and everything, find fun people to talk to, find service opportunities, lots of stuff! 

Convert update! :) Something I loved from this week, is that we had a transmission on Sunday that was for all of Centroamerica, so that was cool! and Richard and Reymond went and it was so cute..they were taking notes and loved it! And, the school year just started here, and they're sticking up for the Church when all their friends are making fun of them for being Mormon and everything. And Jose is starting to share the gospel with his friends, he was kind of nervous to do that before, but now he's trying to get the family he lives with to come to church with him! And Ricardo got a white shirt and tie and is soo excited to go to church next week with a tie haha. I love these pepole!
We're still working on teaching Richard and Reymond's older sisters, Rachelle and Rachel (yeah. super similar their names...thanks for not doing that to us mom and dad!...) who are 15 and 14. And, they both want to be baptized, they understand it's important and everything. And, we're pretty sure Rachelle, the one who is 14, will get baptized this month. But it was super sad, asking Rachel if she wanted to be baptized, she said yes, she really wants to, but didn't think she could, because her friends in high school just don't have good standards, and she is used to doing things that she doesn't think she would be able to give up, to live the standards of the church. She already has a baby girl who is almost a year old, and it's true, she hangs out with people who aren't very good influences. But it was just so sad!! To see a fifteen year old little girl, really, who feels like the guidelines of the Church are just rules that are too hard and aren't worth it to follow. So, we're working with her, trying to help her see that the standards really are just to protect us and help us and bless us. I don't know. Teaching her just makes me super grateful for the commandments and the Church and for our family where we were taught super early on that the most important thing is following Jesus Christ, choosing good friends, reading the scriptures, praying...yeah. So thanks Mom and Dad, for being the best and teaching us and having us read the Book of Mormon as a family and for raising us the way you did! And thanks friends for being such good examples to me so that I never felt like it was hard to live the gospel standards when I was with you guys!
Something that I loved about the conference that we had with centroamerica was that Elder Anderson talked! And he talked about how he went to the Democratic Republic of the Congo to help with the groundbreaking of the temple there. It was so neat seeing the pictures and everything! And just to think of what a blessing it is for those people who had to travel thousands of kilometers (..I don't know what miles are anymore haha).. to go to a temple! and just to see their faith and their testimonies. I love that the gospel is really in all the world. The Church is true!! And it made me super super excited for General soon!!! 

Anyway. I love you guys a lot!
Love, Hermana Moon

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