Tuesday, March 22, 2016

March 21, 2016 - The Semana Santa

Rachelle! She's so cute. :) The Bishop baptized her, and the Elders also had a baptism, yay!
Hi family!

The Semana Santa is something HUGE in Costa Rica, everyone has school off this week and all the Catholics celebrate this week big. So, I've been thinking a lot more about Easter this year, because everyone is talking about it a lot earlier than usual! And I've been thinking a lot about the Resurreccion. It's so amazing me for me to think about that we'll get to have our bodies forever. And, everyone! Good people, bad people, everyone. And they'll be perfect. I was trying to imagine the other day just being a spirit forever...and it'd be really sad, not being to run, to play, to hike, to feel, to eat, everything. I don't know. I'm so grateful for Christ. For His life. He died and lived for us! And, not only are we going to be able to live again...but with our families and with Him and our Heavenly Father through his Atonement! hallelujah :) and it's not this year's video, but I just love this video so much. Enjoy it in Spanish!

Rachelle got baptized this week! :) It was great. And, confirmed on Sunday! But, it's hard that these kids don't have their parents going to church with them. She could only come for her confirmation, and then she had to go home to go to San Jose. And she was crying as she was leaving, she just wanted to stay in Church so bad, because she loves to come to church. It seriously makes me so happy that these converts just love church. We do a big Noche de Hogar every week with Brother Jesus and his family (they're converts of 8 months, and they're incredible.) and there's always investigators and converts...and we were introducing ourselves, saying what we like to do...and what Jose said is that what he likes to do, is he's so happy going to church. It was so great. I'm so grateful for seeing the changes in the lives of these people from the gospel and Atonement of Jesus Christ. 3 months ago, Jose didn't know why he was here in this world, and was just sad! And now, his favorite thing to do is go to church. I'm so grateful for the gospel of Christ, and the Church, that really helps people change their lives.
And Ileana and Betania and Brittany came to church again and loved it!! We tried putting a date with them last week but didn't want to commit to a date. But... they love church, and they're willing to sacrifice to come, and have so much faith. So we're praying lots for them, that they can understand the necessity of baptism in their lives!
I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter Sunday next week, and can think a little more deeply about the Savior, and His sacrifice for each one of us! I know that in the last 9 months I have met so many people, each of them with different difficulties, and so many trials and pains...and it's making more and more grateful thinking that Christ has felt all that for all of them...because He just loves them all so much. Anyway. I love the Lord and His life and His work!
See you love you bye! :)

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