Monday, April 4, 2016

March 28, 2016 - goodbye, Hermana Tabora!

Hi all! :) 

Transfers this week! Aaaand...Hermana Tabora is leaving. :( We were so sad!! It´s been such a fun, fast three months together, and we saw so, so many miracles together. She is such an amazing missionary!! She really taught me about having faith, about loving people, about how to really share your testimony. And, everyone is so sad. For a lot of the converts it´s their first experience with changes, and they´ve just been crying like it´s a funeral! The people here love her so, so much. I¨m so grateful for the time I had with her! And, she´s so cool. She just finished her training, and she´s going to finish the training of another hermana in San Jose! so that´s fun. And I´ll be getting a brand new missionary tomorrow too, so that´ll be exciting! I don´t know why I´m kind of nervous. Well, I always am with changes. But it´ll all be good. 

We really are so blessed with some amazing investigators. There´s a girl named Morelia, and we love her sooo much! She´s 20, so she´s our age, so it´s just fun. She´s gone to church the last three Sundays, and she didn´t like it the first time, but now she loves it. And, she is such a member already. She asks peopl if they´re new, so she can help them, and helps with people in the classes find so cool. We kind of messed up on the teaching...she thought she was Mormon before being baptized...she goes around telling people on the bus saying that she´s a Mormon, sharing the gospel with her family! but, it´s cuz she talks a lot. But we finally got to explain that to be baptized she needs to get married to her boyfriend, or break up with him. And he´s great, but works all the time so we can´t teach him. But Morelia said she´d talk with him last night about getting married....they have a year and a half living together so we hope so bad that he´s willing to do it!!!! So we´re praying! But we had such a great lesson with her yesterday, about the Plan of Salvation. We asked her where she thought she lived before this world...and she was like, I´ve never even thought about that! And we´re so blessed to have this knowledge. It´s so cool to testify that they lived with God before, that He really knows them, and loves them, that they lived with Him before. Yeah. I love the gospel. 

What else cool happened this week.... well, I´ve thought a lot this week about faith! This week in a meeting President told us that really everything depends on faith. And, thinking about it, it´s so true! Before, I was so so worried that I wouldn´t be able to do things. And then one day in personal study, I had  like a moment of´s not me who is doing anything in this work! Everything is the Lord. This is His work. I´m just here to be an instrument. But I need to be humble, and trust that the Lord is in charge. And if we´re obedient, and humble, and faithful, really we´ll see miracles! We´ll find the people in this minute who are ready. And we just need to have faith in the Lord that really, He will work miracles in the lives of these people. And yeah. :) 

But yep. It was a great two changes of testifying and laughing and miracles with Hermana Tabora, and I¨m looking forward to what this next change brings! 

Love you all!!!!!! 

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