Tuesday, April 26, 2016

April 25, 2016 - this is the prettiest country ever!!!

Baptism of Iraida, Johan, and Mariaelena
Hi everyone!!!
Sorry, there's not a lot of time today .....but....everything is going super great!! :) This was another good week. And...yeah! Iraida and Johan and Mariaelena got baptized, yay!!! So that was exciting! and...I can't really remember what else happened. But it was all super good! And we went to a super cool place this week for a Relief Society activity where we saw orange frogs and toucans and rivers and stuff....this is the prettiest country ever!!! Behind Logan, Utah, of course. :) And...yeah! Everything's going great preaching the gospel here. 

Kiana and Hna Dominguez at a river
Thanks to Jyc Beita Molina for this picture of "an excellent missionary"
Anyway. I love you all so much! Sorry this email is super super lame! Have a great week!!
Poison dart frog in the wild - Kiana said she thought the plastic toys we had were fake colors, but no, this is real
and one from Wikipedia that's not blurry

  And since Kiana said that Logan (Providence) was also pretty, I thought I'd share some pictures from our back yard last week.

Just some spring blossoms
We can see the Logan temple from the back yard

Our neighbor's horses

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