Monday, April 4, 2016

April 4, 2016 - and welcome, Hermana Dominguez!

with Hermana Tabora at the temple

It was a good, crazy week...most of it spent in a bus or in San Jose! But lots of exciting stuff happened!

1. New companion!!! Yeah, it was super sad saying bye to Hermana Tabora. She's so great. But, I know she'll be so great where she is now. :) And now I'm with Hermana Dominguez! :) She's from Yucatan, Mexico, and she's 24, and she's really really smart..she just finished studying biochem engineering, came 5 days after presenting her thesis! And she is so willing to learn. She's so sweet...she was sad, not because she missed her family at all, but because she wanted to be able to just have the right words to help the people here. But, she doesn't need to worry, she knows Preach My Gospel waaaay better than I do jaja. So, I'm excited to get to know her better, and to see the miracles here with her! 

2. Temple!!! I love to see the temple :) We went on Thursday, and it was so great. Temples are such a blessing in our lives!! I know it's literally the House of God. And how cool that there's 150 in the world now!! And yeah. In Conference, I felt like I just heard about temples and family history work! So I know I have lots of work to do in family history when I go home. 
Kiana, Hna Dominguez, Hna Tabora, Hna Gonzalez
3. and yeah...Conference!!! I loved Elder Hallstrom's talk, about how we're children of God. Even in the times that are difficult and all the trials, we can always remember that we're children of God, that He loves us. And, I liked how Sister Oscarson talked about how membership in the Church is an unmeasurable gift. And it's so true!! I don't know how we got so lucky to have this knowledge, but now we have the responsibility to share it with everyone else.  Going to the temple this week helped me realize that, there's so many people in the world who don't even know!! But yeah. All the talks were super good, I'm excited to be able to read them again! 

Putting brown paper over the windows at the church so they could watch conference

4. Experiences with Investigators! With Javier, and Ivannia, it was so great. They're a family who just looks like they're Mormons already. Ivannia went to the women's conference, and Javier went to Saturday afternoon, and they really liked it. They're such an adorable family, they have three kids. But they're going through a really hard time. Javier owned a hardware story, but last week, he went bankrupt, and they don't really have anything. But we put a date with baptism with them to get baptized, and married, and they really, really want to...they say they want to start completely over now their lives, and they know that baptism and getting married will be a great way. so yay! :) So we'll keep working with them, and praying that they can be baptized on May 7!!! The challenge is kind of going to church for them, cuz he has to figure out a lot of work stuff. But we're praying a lot! 

But yeah. Lots of stuff this week that were good, some things that were kind of disappointing, but we're excited to keep working hard here. :)
Love you all! 

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