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August 17, 2015 - And it's REAL!

Interesting fruits

2nd Mother's Day of year -- too bad she couldn't call !
Hi everyone!!!
So something from this week...we did divisions, and I went to a place called Turrialba! It was so warm and incredible there, I didn't even need to use my jacket once, when I have to wear it like all day here in Cartago..but haha, Cartago really is the coldest place in Costa Rica! But it´s okay, the cold is worth it because Cartago is the best. But anyway, so on divisions we were just walking in the street, and we ran into like a girl who was like 17 and she was wearing a Gryffindor shirt!!! And this was like the first time I'd seen any signs of Harry Potter since coming on the mission and I almost died haha.....all I wanted to do was ask her which book was her favorite, her favorite character, everything!! But then, I was thinking about it, and really, the Gospel of Jesus Christ is even more exciting and beautiful than Harry Potter!! And it´s REAL, and it blesses the lives of every single person who has lived and lives and will live! Sometimes I just start thinking about it, and my heart gets so full and happy--we have the knowledge that we can be with our families FOREVER, that we can return to live with Heavenly Father, which is the most beautiful message of all!
And something so great!! Andrea is so excited for her baptism. She keeps on talking about August 29, and asking who she can invite, what else she needs to learn, which chapters she should read in the Book of Mormon...she´s incredible!! She went to church again yesterday, and she loved it. We´re super excited for that day, and still so grateful for her friend in Utah who decided to start talking to her about the church and then call the reference office. We never know what one little conversation about the church can do!
And...I can´t really remember what else happened this week! Haha, time is so weird here--sometimes it just flies by and I don't really know what happened! But I love you all a whole whole lot, and hope everything is going great!!
SO MUCH LOVE, Hermana Moon. :)
Pic 1: Happy Tico Day of the Mothers!! You definitely deserve at least two days of the year, mom. :) It was so cute watching everyone celebrating it here...they go all out. There were a million vendors just walking through the streets selling flowers, like walking in between cars and stuff, and everyone had the whole weekend set aside for the day!
Pic 2: So much cool fruit here!!!

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