Tuesday, August 11, 2015

August 3, 2015 - The Romeria

Graciela, Hna Geis, Hna Moon
It's been another great week here! :) These past couple days have been super sunny and warm and it has been so so nice!!! it's also a big blessing, it rains a lot here...but lately it has been in the hours when we're studying in the morning, and then when we go out to work it's a beautiful sunny day!! So that's been a tender mercy! Hermana Geis gets so happy because she's from San Diego, and it's a lot like that! 

So this weekend, the 1 and 2 of August, are kind of crazy here in Cartago! Costa Rica is super super Catolic, and Cartago is ike the center of all of the Catholics in Costa Rica! This weekend was like the big weekend to celebrate the Virgin, and so THOUSANDS and thousands of Catholics walk from wherever they are in Costa Rica to the giant Basilica here in Cartago that's like a half mile from our house!! So all week we've just seen so many people wearing super cute exercise clothes, walking from wherever they are--hours and hours and hours--here to Cartago! And really thousands of people. It's called the Romeria, and it didn't affect us too much except......the buses. So Saturday night, which is like the biggest night of it, we were at an investigator's house, and the buses weren't running, and our investigators were leaving to go walk with the Romeria (...even people who aren't Catholic just do it because it's like the coolest thing to do here). And soo...the only way we could get home was by walking with them too!! haha...so we felt a little sacriligeous walking to the Basilica because that was the way we had to go to get home.....but we had to! it was super funny, we laughed so hard. haha. I promise I'm still an LDS missionary. 

This week there was a cool miracle!! We try to do 140 LPEs (lessons to encounter new investigators) every week, and last Sunday we were super behind, so we just went to the park by our house to try to talk to families! And we talked to this one family, but a date to visit them for last Monday night, and they are incredible!!! Like ten years ago the missionaries met with them a bunch, they went to church for like a year in Lima, which is on the west coast here, but then they stopped going, and moved here!! And then it's incredible, the Lord's timing. The next night, Tuesday, the dad left the family. And the mom, Lorena, was just like, I know that you guys were supposed to find us right before this happened, I know this is part of the Lord's plan!! So we're really hopeful for them, because they loved church when they went in Lima, and still are in contact with the Elders from like ten years ago!! And everytying is super super sad with the Dad, but really God has a plan for them, and the Spirit really guided us to talk to them that night, and for them to accept to meet with us, because if we had met them later they probably would have said no! 

This gospel is incredible, the Book of Mormon is so true, and I know that God loves all His children so much, and really has a plan for everyone to be happy in this life!!! I love you all, hope you have an amazing week!! 

Love, Hermana Moon 
Staying hydrated

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