Monday, July 27, 2015

July 27, 2015 - La Luz de la Verdad

She got mail!

So so much incredible stuff happened this week!!!!! 

So last Monday we got a call from the office that we had a reference from the General Offices in Salt Lake!! Which is like, super exciting because that hardly ever happens here!! And the office Elder said that the guy who referred her said that we needed to visit the reference like, that night. So we changed our plans, and called Andrea....and holy cow. So so incredible!! She said that she's in a course to get baptized in her other religion. But, she has a friend who is Tico, but lives in Utah who is Mormon, and she just texted him asking him a question about Polygamy that her friend had asked her! And he said, no no no,we only have one wife now, hey how about I teach you about my religion, you teach me about yours? So he started explaining the LDS church and she said she wanted to read the Book of Mormon, and he said I'll send you a surprise! And so he called the reference office! and then,like immediately after getting the reference, the AP called her, and she took that as an answer that she like really needed to consider this religion! So we met with her in McDonald's Monday night because she has a 5 year old son who wanted to play in the playplace, and it was just so amazing--she just said, Ï don't think it's coincidence that right before I was going to get baptized in a different church my friend who I have known for 30 years finally started talking to me about his church. I want to be in this church, raise my son in this, and maybe have him go on a mission. What do I need to do to get baptized in this religion?" Me and Hermana Geis like couldn't talk...this just doesn't happen!  seriously the most spiritual experience I think that has ever happened in a McDonald's playplace.  Anyway, we met with her again on Wednesday,and she said that she spent all of Tuesday night praying and crying...and she said, that she made the decision, that she needs to be a part of this church, and leave her other one. She's so amazing!!!!And she rode the bus four hours to come to the baptism we had this Saturday, because she was visiting her mom! It's all really a miracle...we just get giddy thinking about her! God's timeline is incredible--had the AP not called her immediately after receiving the reference, shemight not have taken this as much as an answer that she needed to really consider this church! Listening to spiritual promptings is so important. Haha, sorry I don't even know if this story makes sense, there's just so much to say about it, it's just so cool!
The ruins near their apartment.

But yeah, Maria Jesus, who is 13, got baptized!!! It was so beautiful. Her dad, Carlos, who got baptized like two months ago got to baptize her, and her mom who has MS and hasn't left the house like since her baptism two months ago felt well enough to come watch!! Such a miracle. It's been so cool seeing the light growing in Maria Jesus's eyes.:)
Maria Jesus and parents

The ward had an anniversary activity for 50 years of the mission in Costa Rica!! They had people who have been members for a long long time talk about the growth of the church here, talking about all the first missionaries and when the chapel was built here, and everything! So fun. Dad, you would have totally loved it. 
And then Sunday, we had a conference because they are making a new Stake here in Cartago!! Before it was with La Paz, but now there is one of its own!! Now I think there are eight stakes in Costa Rica, which is amazing! The Lord's kingdom is spreading so much on the earth...crazy that 50 years ago there wasn't even a mission here!

Views of the area

Anyway, it was a exciting week,full of miracles and gaining a better understanding how the Lord is in charge of His work, and the light of the gospel is getting shared with so many of God's children!! I love this gospel and this work so much. 

Love you all!!!!! Hope summer is going so great for everyone.:)

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