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June 29, 2015 - Gleni's baptism; directions and addresses in CR

This next week the mission divides into Costa Rica San Jose East and West!!  We had our last meeting with the whole mission and the mission president before the split! Haha, I felt bad because like everyone was crying except's just not that weird for me because I'm so new and don't really know anyone, or the President too well. But it was sad because like my companion had to say bye to people who will be in the West mission, and everything. But it's really cool, before I leave for home there will be 400 missionaries in Costa Rica, which is incredible! I'm excited to meet the new president too, I've heard that he's incredible. 

Okay, so the story with Gleni is such a miracle!! So, we had her baptism date for July 11, because we didn't want to rush her...she had a date before, in like March, but then she told the missionaries then she didn't want to meet with them anymore or anything. But she's been coming to church and everything, and LOVING learning and studying things on her own. And she was so willing to give up coffee, and did it in like a day. And, she's already practically a member, or it seemed like it...she was referring everyone she knew...we honestly would sometimes forget she was just an investigator! so Hma Geis and I were thinking that we should move her date up to the 5! So we told her on this Thursday, hey, we've been thinking about moving up your date, and she just said, "To this Sunday? Yes!!" And we had been thinking the next one, but we were like, haha okay great!! So she got baptized yesterday!!! And it was so beautiful!! I just love her and her family so much. Hopefully her husband wants to start learning now!! He...really doesn't want anything to do with it. But we'll pray that he can soften his heart, he did say that he wants to change to be a better husband and father! So we'll see, everything is possible with the Lord! 
Gleni's baptism

Hermanas with Gleni

The other week we found the best couple ever!!! Their names are Kenia and Jose and they're married!!! So that's already a plus. And they have three kids. Their family is so beautiful, Hermana Geis and I can just imagine them in white. And they're such real investigators. They really want to know. Jose has already read so much, and always fills out the questions at the back of the pamphlets we give him... but it's really sad, their kids go to Catechisms (I don't know how to spell it...the Catholic kid stuff) so they don't really want to miss that to go to church. But, it was great because this week it was on a Saturday so they could come!! But, only Kenia and Jose came, but it's okay, it's still a miracle that they came because they live in Bermejo, which is like 40 minutes from the church and basically no one here has cars so it's a miracle if people travel that long!! And he has a lot of doubts, but they love learning and we really hope that things can go well!! It's really interesting though, this is the first investigator Hma Geis has had that has looked things up about the Church on the Internet! Which is awful haha because there's so much untrue stuff. But it's the first time it's happened to her on a year of the mission! And, he understands that a lot of stuff on the internet isn't real...that's why praying and studying the scriptures and the Holy Ghost is so important in conversion! It can't be a logical thing, and we can't convince them of truth, only the Holy Ghost can! 

So, the directions in Costa Rica are terrible. There are no addresses, and no one really knows how to describe where they live.... they just say like, '"It's the purple house 50 meters south of a blue house." So.....sometimes we spend a long time looking for houses! Haha it was so funny, the other day we were walking in Bermejo, and Hma Geis was talking on the phone with a person we were trying to find, and she just said it was an orange house, and there were a few close by, but it was none of them... and then I was like, "we hope it's not that orange house!" and pointed to a bright orange house like on the other side of the mountain way up high..... and it totally was. The lady went outside her house and was like, ""across the valley I can see two people, is that you?"And she went outside and waved....and yeah it was her. Haha, we laughed so hard. I wish I had a picture so I could show you ... it's funnier to actually like see how it was. So we got to her house like 25 minutes later, that's how far it was. But, the worth of souls is great. :) Hopefully before I leave I learn how to figure out where people live because my companion does most of it! 

Being on the mission is such a great learning experience, that I love a lot! It's incredible--there's so so many people in this world, and the Lord loves all of them SO much and wants everyone to know the joy and truth of the gospel. But, it takes a lot of praying and listening to the Spirit to find those ready to listen! And, this week has been hard in finding new people, and it's a little discouraging at times. But the Lord has people prepared, everywhere, we just need to be humble and remember that this is His work, and He really does want people to know and accept the truth. And this gospel brings so much happiness. 

I love you all so much!!!! Keep smiling and serving and praying always :) 

Con amor, Hermana Moon 

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