Sunday, July 12, 2015

June 15, 2015 - Pura Vida!!

Where her heart is!

So much has happened these past two weeks I don't even know where to begin!!

Well...I finished at the MTC! I really really loved it there. I met some amazing people! It was cool, we got to hear from Elder was so great. I wish so bad I had my journal with me right now because I can't really remember too much from it because it was two weeks ago.....but. It was really great. And I could feel the Spirit so strongly that he truly is an apostle of God! 

Last Monday we flew out to Costa Rica!! I went with two Elders...I'm SO grateful I wasn't going by myself it would have been terrifying. But everything went great! We arrived in Costa Rica at like 9:30 at night, and the mission president and his wife met us. We then went to the San Jose temple, and it was SO BEAUTIFUL. He talked to us there about our purpose of everything we do here is to "bautizar and retener."  (baptize and retain members). It was so good. He's such an incredible man, I'm super sad he only has two weeks left of being mission president!! This is such an incredible mission. The month of May there were 207 baptisms, which is incredible. So yeah, it's dividing the end of this month! Then I went and slept at some sisters' apartments, and then spent most of the next day at the office! Then the rest of the new missionaries came from the Guatemala MTC....16 more! Most of them are from Guatemala and Honduras and Costa Rica. So I was the only Gringa! Then the next day we had a breakfast and got our trainers!!! and OH MAN. I love mine so much. Everyone said that I was going to be with a Latino so I could learn Spanish...but nope haha I'm with another Gringa! Soo we kind of talk English  a lot which isn't the best.... haha hopefully I'm learning more Spanish! I still kind of just have to nod and say "si"a lot when people talk because I can't understand...but I love it!! 

We had a baptism yesterday!!! Her name is Roxana, and she is ten and the niece of Griselda, who was baptized in March. I love this family so so much, they're so cute. I only taught her one lesson before her baptism, but I'm so grateful I got to! The baptism was such a miracle too. The font had started filling up at 7:30, but when we got there at 8 there was only like.. less than a foot because the drain kept draining!! but then all of the sudden the water started coming out like... four times the amount it was before so even though it was still draining, the font could be filled! And it was such a beautiful thing. Roxana was so so happy. 

Roxana's baptism
The gospel is spreading so much here in Costa Rica, it's incredible!! People are so receptive. My companion tells me all the time that she gets chills all the time thinking about how amazing it is here. We have a goal of five baptisms this month... we have three so far, two from before I came, one from yesterday. We're hoping our investigator Anna can feel ready by this Sunday, we taught her the Word of Wisom this week and she was so willing to live it!! And then we're hoping Roxaná's mom, Glenni,  can feel ready too. She had a date before, but then she got scared, but she's been so interested lately!! We're going to visit them on Thursday. Pray for them! :) 

My area is Cartago. It's on the East side, so I'm pretty positive I'll be in the East mission, unless the apostles review my name and switch it! Honestly, it's pretty cold here haha....and it's just going to get colder! But it's okay, it is so so beautiful!! I'm so grateful to be here spreading the gospel with these incredible people here. I love you all so much!! I have so much more to say but there's just not time really....but know that I love you, that the gospel is true, obedience brings miracles, God loves you! 

Con mucho amor, 
Hermana Moon 

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