Monday, July 13, 2015

July 13, 2015 - meeting new president, focus on families

Hermanas in district with Sis. Laura Hayes and her daughter Elizabeth
This week was super great!! 

We met the new mission president this week, President Hayes. Oh my goodness, he is just so incredible. He's just such a humble, sweet man, and super approachable. I'm so grateful that we'll have him here. He wants us to focus on teaching families--families who will be able to strengthen the wards here in Costa Rica. Because the church is growing so fast here, they need a lot of strong families! And yeah, the church really is growing, it's super super exciting--we're getting a Cartago Stake in two weeks!! Before it was with La Paz, but now we'll have our own!! All the members are so so excited, it's been really fun to see. 
American food!

President Randy Hayes cooking

Something cool from this week..I've gained such a bigger testimony of family history work here!! We've teach a lot to new members about baptisms for the dead, and give them a "mi Familia" booklet to start their family history. And they love it. I love seeing the light in their eyes when they realize that they can do this work for their ancestors who have gone on before! We taught this to a recent convert, Carlos, yesterday and it was so incredible--he wanted to fill out the whole booklet right then and there, and if we could have gone to the temple at 8:00 at night last night we would have! Honestly, family history work is one of the most beautiful parts of the gospel--that we can do this work to help our ancestors, those who are stuck in spirit prison and are really just waiting for us to do this, and then do the ordinances to be sealed as a family forever!!! 

And then as we were leaving another miracle happened! We were in Pacayas, which is like a 30 minute bus ride away from our house, and when we got on the bus, there was a guy who is American there in the front of the bus, who I've actually already talked to on teh way to Pacays! He's in the Peace Core so he's been here for two years, and the last time we talked we didn't really get to talk about the gospel, but this time he like asked what we'd just been teaching to the family, and it was super cool getting to teach the gospel in English! haha, it was like in the Best Two Years. And he says that he really wants to settle on one religion, but he doesn't know what, but he has a lot of the same beliefs as us... so yeah! Hermana Geis says that I was explaining temples and baptisms to the dead to him she just felt the Spirit say to her so much that he needs to get baptized. So yeah! We'll see! :) He says we can't teach him for like a month, but we're going to try to earlier...Haha, Hermana Geis says she's so excited to practice the lessons in English! So that will be fun! 

I love you all so so much, and hope you all have an incredible week!!! 
Graciela and Kiana

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