Sunday, August 30, 2015

August 24, 2015 - Well... hair grows, right?

Hello incredible family!! It's so fun to read all your emails about the wedding and everything. I love love!!! and our family so so much. 

Her zone at the conference with Elder Duncan
So something cool this week, we had a big conference with President Russell M. Nelson!! He is so so great. When I am 93 I want to be just like him. We actually just watched it over broadcast because it was in Honduras, but it was just for Central America, and it was so cool to hear the words of a prophet and to feel the Spirit testify that he really is called by God to be a mouthpiece! He spoke a lot about getting less actives to the temple. He said that there are more males who are inactives here, who don't have the Priesthood, than who do, and that the Lord isn't pleased about that. He said honestly we should focus a lot on these people, getting these families to the temple...they don't care how many converts or baptisms we have, but on getting these families to the temple! And, it's really so true. The temple covenants are so so important--we shouldn't just be satisfied with getting people to baptism, but to endure to the end, to make it to the temple, so they can be with their families forever! 

Also, President Duncan, the area president spoke, and his wife. And I absolutely LOVED what she said in her cute Spanish. She said that everyday we should Elige Tener Gozo....Choose to have joy!! Because not every day is easy, and a lot of times it's easy to be discouraged--but we need to remember, it's not just the mission that's like this--there's hard parts in every stage of life, but we can always choose to have joy, in all the hard times of life. So yeah,that was super good to hear, and something that I need to work on! And it's not always easy to have joy, when rough things come, when we don't understand takes a lot of effort! But it's so worth it. And as a missionary, I'm always I'd like to invite you all, to every day, through the hard times,to choose to have joy. :) 

Oh, yeah, in other news...haha, wellp, last Monday we were getting a hair cut and Hermana Geis said, You should cut it super short! So I did....haha. grows, right? ;)

I love you all so much, and hope you all have an incredible week!! 

Love, Hermana Moon 

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