Tuesday, September 1, 2015

August 31, 2015 - donde esta esto?

I think one of the most beautiful things in this world is seeing someone clap their hands for joy when they're talking about baptism. I didn't know that that really happened, like it talked about in Mosiah 18, when the people clapped their hands and said that this baptism was the desire of their hearts...but it really does! Andrea was SO excited for her baptism, she seriously was clapping her hands when we talked about it. It makes me so happy!! This gospel is so happy!!  And the baptism was so incredible and beautiful--so many people from the ward came to support her. I'm so excited to see the rest of her progression in the church and everything...she has the strongest testimony. I'm so grateful for the opportunity I have to know her...Hermana Geis and I have no idea why we're so lucky to have gotten to teach her! She's just incredible. 

It's been kind of a crazy week besides the baptism! Hermana Geis's ankle is super hurt, so she can't walk anymore, so she's been staying at a member's house and I have a mini missionary! They sent someone from San Jose, an 18 year old girl who wants to serve a mission, and she's been going out with me! It's really fun, but kind of sad that me and Hermana Geis [mom edit: Hna Geis and I] can't work our last days together, because we know she transfers this week out of Cartago. Which is crazy!! haha she's been here for eight months...haha I have no idea what the ward is going to do without her. It was like a funeral yesterday at church when she said she was leaving! But no, it's been really fun with the mini missionary, Laura. It was super cool to hear her story...she's only been a member for nine months, and then her brother got baptized a month ago, and her mom just two weeks ago! so it's super cool. But yeah....I'm so sad Hermana Geis is leaving!! But I know it's important to get used to changes, and I am excited to get a new companion to learn and grow with!

Haha, so, here's to hoping that with transfers this week I get a Latina...because I still don't understand Spanish a lot! Haha we were eating lunch with an investigator, Viviana, and we asked where her mom lived, and she said, en el cielo,  (in heaven) but I didn't really understand, so I said, "donde esta esto?" haha....luckily she laughed a lot and thought it was funny, and doesn't just hate us now and is still willing to meet with us! 

I'm so grateful for all the learning experiences I'm having here on the mission...loving being able to focus on the scriptures, on gospel principles. I love you all a lot, and hope you all have an amazing week!!!

Andrea's baptism day

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