Monday, September 28, 2015

September 28, 2015 - Ticas!

I loved Women's Conference!!! I loved realizing that even though it was in Spanish, I could still feel the Spirit, and still feel the power behind the words that were spoken.And it was SO fun seeing people I recognized!! Haha when I realized that I knew these people I started freaking out and wanted to tell everyone in the room that these are people from my home!! so fun to see. I loved the messages about our divine nature, about love for everyone...I don't know. I am just so, so excited for General Conference this weekend. 

I love telling people about General Conference, that we have a prophet today, someone who really talks with God, who will help us with the challenges that we have today!! We have an investigator, Christina, who is buenissima, and when we told her that, her eyes just filled with light. I love seeing that, so much--seeing these people, when they hear these gospel truths, their eyes just light up, their countenances getting brighter! I read this week, I think in True to the Faith, that part of the Plan of Salvation, was that we learned to love the truth in the premortal life. And it's so true! And I love seeing these people hear these truths, and loving them. And I'm learning to love the truth more and more every day here, also! 

We just had a miracle, today, before writing, so I'm just super excited about it still haha. We were getting on a bus a day last week, and we just gave one of the cards to a pareja, a couple, that was behind us in the line, and then on the bus we talked to them....their names are Joab and Laura. And Laura said the missionaries visited her like 7 years ago, and they invited us to their house today for lunch, and to talk. And holy cow, so prepared!!!! They want to know everything about the gospel. When we asked when we could come back, they said tomorrow! and usually people say like, well...maybe next week. They just want to know everything now! And Laura still remembers all the videos like the Testaments they watched, still has a Book of Mormon...and she wantred to get baptized, so so bad, 7 years ago, but wasn't married, because can't get divorced because her first husband left her years and years ago, and they have no idea where he is to do the paper work. But, Joab and Laura really really want to get married, so we're going to pray a lot a lot that a miracle can happen....that they can get married, and that they keep being excited to learn the truth of this message.And Joab is so incredible...he wants to follow Jesus Christ, so much. Anyway. So pray for them too that they can figure out all the stuff with the paper work? :)

Oh something exciting! This week my comp and I got our sedulas..I don't know what that really translates to, but it means we're legal! Ya somos Ticas, yay! :) 

I love this work, love seeing that God is always preparing people to receive the truth, love seeing miracles every day. I hope everyone has an incredible Conference Weekend, listening to our living day prophet and apostles! 

They're legal!

I love you all a whole lot, 
Hermana Moon 

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