Monday, September 14, 2015

September 14, 2015 - never give up on people

I just really love the colors of these flowers!! We live in such a beautiful world. 

Hey ya'll! :)

So something super fun this week, the ward had an activity for people to bring nonmembers, and it was a dance!!:) Oh my goodness. I don't know if there's anything I love more than watching Tico couples in love dance. I don't know how to describe how they dance here, it's like swaying or something..I don't know, but so so cute. But, it was so hard being there, just sitting in my seat, and not being able to dance!!!!! Because dances are like my favorite things in the world...Haha, seriously might have been one of the hardest nights of the mission so when they turned on Uptown Funk, all I could think about was me and Spenstarr rocking out to Dark Lord Funk. Haha, but really it's okay. This mission is totally worth the sacrifice of no dance parties for a while. It really was such a great experience, for the members and investigadors....there's seriously some incredible people here in Cartago. 

Oh, yeah, haha I forgot to say in my email last week...Yeah, I'm still in Cartago! :) yay! I love Cartago. 

Oh, and big news!! Every companionship got a microwave here in the mission!!! Things are changing here in Costa Rica. 

So something cool from this week! So there's a member, Nuria, who is incredible and super active. Nuria got baptized when she was like 12 years old, and her little sister Ileana did too, when she was like 10...but Ileana never went back to church after her baptism! The Hermana Geis and I tried to go with her a couple times, but she just hid from us every time and never answered her phone, because she was too scared to come back.But yesterday...she came to church! She hadn't gone for 22 years, and yesterday she came! And she was so SO was so incredible to see. It just makes me think of all the General Conference talks where it talks about don't give up on anyone. Nuria's been trying for years, just being a good example, inviting her to activities and things. And, Ileana has 2 daughters, Valerie and Bianca, who are 10 and almost 8, and they've been going to all the Primary Activities for a few months...and Ileana said she's seen how happy they've been going to these, and she wants them in the church! So we're starting to teach them the lessons, so Valerie can get baptized, and so Ileana can learn everything again...ah, it's such a miracle. Such joy. Never give up, on anyone! 

Investigadors Anna and Tabaret. I like them. 
There was another miracle at church investigator, Maritzah, and her son Abraham, came!! and, it's a big deal when we can get people to come to church, we fight so hard for it! And, we'd only visited them one time, and Martizah's friend said that she was super Catholic and would never change...but, Maritzah is going through a really hard time, and really wants hope and faith. And they said they really liked church, and learned a lot. So we're really hopeful for them, and excited to visit them again tomorrow!! 

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