Monday, September 7, 2015

September 7, 2015 - new companion!

Hola ya'll! 

Me, mini misionary, Hna Geis.  Love them!
These couple weeks have been a little crazy with transfers, mini misionera, y todo, but they've been great weeks full of miracles! I LOVED my mini misionera, so so much. It's crazy how close you can grow to someone in five days! I love the people I'm meeting here. 

and new companion!!!! Her name is Hermana Mendoza, from Mexico! She's 24, and has the exact same time on the mission as me! So that's super fun. We're both learning a lot together! And it was cool because that was exactly what I wanted....I wanted someone with the same time as me, and a Latina! Haha, she puts up with me, a lot. Whenever we go to houses and they give us soda, I really really have a hard time drinking she drinks mine for me. Poor thing yesterday drank like 7 glasses full of soda, I think. But I'm excited to learn more Spanish!! Haha cuz...Hermana Geis and I ...did not really speak Spanish haha. It's funny, cuz every night I fall asleep on the chair after the prayer ending planning, and when I get up I just start speaking English to her because I"m half asleep....haha it's interesting becase I really am having a hard time distinguishing between words in English and Spanish now!! plenitude a word in English? I really can't remember. 

New companion, Sis. Mendoza
I love the experiences I have out here as a missionary. This week we were teaching a lesson in a really, really humble house, and we were singing Come Follow Me at the start of the lesson...and right at the fourth verse, where it says, "dejad venir, los ninos a mi"...sorry I can't remember how it goes in English, but where it talks about blessing the children....Like seven little kids came running in, and just gathered around us singing, and were just standing there staring at us, and I just started crying! It was so beautiful. I could just feel the love that Christ has for those kids, and the loves He has for all His children! And no one in that house can read, but we gave them folletos to look at the pictures, and all the kids wanted one so we gave them a bunch...I don't know if this family will get baptized, but I sure hope that when these kids grow up, they'll have a stash of these folletos, pamphlets, and search out the Church, search out the missionaries. I really feel that this will happen. 

There's a lot more to learn now as a missionary! Before, honestly, I was a really good follower. I was good at following Hermana Geis, letting her plan where we were going, plan the lessons...and I was so content following. But now, I'm really learning to become a missionary. Really learning to feel for these people, feel sad when they don't keep their compromisos, feel so much more joy when they do, dedicate my thoughts and everything so much more to the work, rely on the Spirit more! It takes a lot more faith, a lot more prayer, a lot more effort...but it's so much more rewarding, too. I'm super excited to learn and grow more every day here, learn more about the gospel, share this with these incredible people here. 

I love you all a whole lot!! Haha, so glad to hear about the BYU game!!! haha seriously I loved that every email I received talked about it....rah rah rah rah rah goooo cougars!!!!!!!!!! I hope you all have an amazing Labor Day, and an incredible, blessed week! 

Love, Hermana Moon 

Tribute to the Hermana Geis. What a stellar person.. Couldn't have asked for a better first companion!! Family, it's your job to make sure she doesn't get married when she gets home so I can be roommates with her at BYU! 

Pretty sky in Costa Rica! There's hardly ever sunsets here, so I freak out when the sky is a different color than blue or gray! 

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