Monday, September 21, 2015

September 21, 2015 - Independence Day

Independence Day
Hi everyone!! 

So, this week really flew by and I can't really remember what happened... but it was a good week! :)
another pretty sunset

So, the mom of Maria Jesus (who got baptized in July) was baptized in June, the week before I came here! And it was incredible...she has multiple sclerosis, and has to stay in her bed always, and has been like this for the last 12 years!! So she got baptized in a swimming pool and it was incredible, I wish so bad I could have been there! Anyway, this week the Relief Society did an activity at her house (oh, her name is Vera) so that Vera could meet the whole Relief Society! Ah, it was so incredible. She was SO happy to meet everyone, because she can't ever go to was so cool. Vera shared her experience of when she got baptized, and she just said she felt so happy, such peace...her testimony is so sweet!!! I'm so grateful that I've gotten the opportunity to meet her here. They're such an amazing family! And the ward here is so many sisters sacrificed to go up to where they live, because they live like a 40 minute bus ride in bus from Cartago Central, and it's pretty expensive...but everyone was so willing to sacrifice and serve to go meet one of their Relief Society sisters! I love Cartago. 
con Vera

There's a quote by Joseph Sitai (I think...I can't remember his name) in the last General Conference that I love, and it's really helped me in the weeks that are kind of hard! It's "Laboring in the spirit of charity is not a duty but a joy. Challenges become opportunities to build faith." I love thinking about this!! If I'm laboring in the spirit of charity, this missionary work really isn't work at all! The days that are hard, when investigators aren't progressing, when we can't find people to teach, really are all just opportunities to build my faith, my trust in the Lord!! And I'm learning every day that I need to rely on the Lord more and more in this work..if I try to do it on my own, things really don't work out, but when we listen to the Spirit, we're guided to the people who are praying for a message of comfort. It's been so cool to see experiences like this...after teaching a lesson to someone, or praying with someone, they tell us that they'd been praying for someone to come, to bring them a little peace! The Lord really has a plan for everything, it all worked out. 

This week was Independence Day here, and so we were a little worried that no one would want us to come over...but, it's amazing how the Lord guides us to people in their houses, who didn't want to be out celebrating! So that was cool to see. And it was fun to see everyone go all out here!! They all dress up in traditional Costa Rican attire, and do big parades, and build little traditional Tico houses out of's so cute. :) 

I love you all a whole lot, and hope you have an amazing week!! 

Love, Hermana Moon 

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