Monday, October 12, 2015

October 12, 2015 - leaving Cartago

Hello family!! 

Hermanas of Zona Cartago
So I'm leaving Cartago!! And I'm pretty sad. It's been a really good four and a half months here....I've seen so many miracles, learned so much, met so many incredible people, survived through a lot of freezing cold evenings, seen so many of God's beautiful creations here, grown and changed. Haha, I'm super bad at change. But, I'm excited to see where I'm going, what the Lord has in store for these next few months of my life!  
Hermana Mendoza is a champ

Something super sad this week...Hermana Mendoza fell in a gutter yesterday and today had to get stitches in her shin, and she can't walk on her ankle....haha I feel super bad, so far both of my companions have become unable to walk by the last week we're together.....haha we'll have to see with this third one!;) 
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with Graciela

This week I found a quote that Elder Perry used in his October 2014 General Conference talk and I love so much. it says, "To be a Christian is to admire Jesus so sincerely and so fervently that the whole life goes out to Him in an aspiration to be like Him." I love this...if we say that we're Christians, we need to admire Jesus Christ SO fervently that every day, every second of our life we're trying to be like Him. Spencer, I love the talk that you gave on Christlike attributes that Mom sent me--and the story where Jennie asked Dad which Christlike attribute he was working on,  assuming that everyone is always working on a Christlike attribute--and, really, we should be! If we claim ourselves as Christians, we should be trying every single day to become more like Him. And, I have so so far to go on this. But, this quote really has helped me ponder more on this, what I should do, and change. 

I love you all a whole whole lot. 

Love, Hermana Moon 

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