Monday, November 9, 2015

October 19, 2015 - it's tan hermosa

Hi family!!! 

So...I'm actually still in Cartago!!!!  I do have changes. But since Hermana Mendoza can't walk, they called me Tuesday and said I'll be staying here for a week or two. Hermana Mendoza couldn't have her new companion here with a mini misionera because she doesn't know Cartago at I"m here this week showing Hermana Chen from Guatamala around Cartago!! She is so so cute. She's always been in the city here, and this is her first area that has like mountains and campo...and I just love watching her when we go to a new place and she just says..."Ahh...It's tan hermosa!!! Really we live in such an incredible, miraculous world!! 

And my new area is Concepcion!! It's really close to San Jose, the capitol. I don't know. I"m really, really anxious and excited to go there and start working, so it's been kind of a trial of patience this week staying here in Cartago!! I love Cartago so, so much, but it's kind of like my heart is in Concepcion, with my new companion...I don't know. It's been a good experience for me to have faith in the timing of the Lord!! And my new companion is Hermana Woods!!! We are so, so excited. She's from Ogden, and she left on her mission June 10--the day I should have left! So we would have been in the MTC together, and so yeah, she has 3 months here in Costa Rica!! It's super funny, because we got our sedulas together so spent that whole day together, and just talked about how we wished one day we could be companions...and it happened!! Well, haha we haven't had a day together yet....but I'm so so excited. But my Spanish is going to go downhill again...haha oh well. 

We've seen some cool miracles this week!! So, our goal is to get more than 10 new investigators every week. And because this week was kind of crazy, with the transfers and everything, and I was not being super good for a few days and didn't know how to balance teaching the area with finding, we only had two news when Saturday started. But we made a goal to find a lot of new investigators and Saturday...and it was incredible, the Lord really led us to people who would receive us, and be wanting to change!! The first person we talked to on Saturday was a woman whose name was Luz, and it was incredible--she expressed to us how much she wanted to change, how she and her husband have been looking for a church to go to for their children, how her mother-in-law always told her that she needed to baptize her kids in the Catholic church but didn't feel like she was amazing! and she came to church the next day too!! It's amazing how the Lord leads us to the people who are waiting to receive the restored gospel. 

I love you all so, so much!!! Have an incredible week. :) 

Love, Hermana Moon 

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