Monday, November 9, 2015

October 26, 2015 - Gabby

Hola familia, 

I'm here in Concepcion!!! I got here on Saturday. Holy cow. It's beautiful. And it's so so small...haha Cartago was like seven times the size of it, we'll basically never take buses here! So it'll be a fun new experience.  But it's crazy how close someone can grow to a place, to people in such a short amount of time....I miss Cartago so much!! Weird that you can feel homesick from a place that's not even really your home. I learned and changed so much in that city, met incredible people I will never forget, learned so much about myself. But I'm super excited to grow and learn and change and trust in the Lord more here in Concepcion.

We're basically starting over here in Conce, we don't have many progressing investigators, and don't know much about the area...but we're excited to start learning! Hermana Woods and I have already seen some great miracles here! We were knocking doors on Saturday night. And it's super crazy. Because she and Hermana Chatwin, who was her companion before, always knocked on doors and asked the people if they knew a Gabby who lived around there, jsut as a way to swtart talking, see if we could share a message with them. And we knocked on a door and did taht, and the lady actually said yes!! That two doors down!! Soooo we went and tried, and asked if Gabby was there, that someone said she'd be interested in a message in Jesus Christ, if we could share it with her! And she said yes!!! So we shared it with her and holy cow she is so great!! She's like 27, and studying nursing, and LOVES English...she jsut wanted to talk English with us. Which is actually a tender mercy, becauser Hermana Woods sitll isn't super comfortable with her Spanish 100%, so it was fun just sharing in English! Kinda confusing though haha. I'm getting really bad at grammar in English. And Gabby loved it, then came to church on Sunday!!! So it was so so cool. A huge miracle for us. 
with Hna Woods

And, it's super funny. Having our last name Woods and Moon...haha Gabby asked what were our real names,  if everyone had to have new names like that in the church, if there were some like Sun and Wind.... haha we explaiend and all laughed a lot :) 

K. I love you all a whole whole lot. Thank you for all your love and support. :) 

Until next Monday, con todo mi amor, Hermana Moon 

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