Monday, November 16, 2015

November 16, 2015 - the Lord is teaching me a lot here

Hey ya'll!!! 

Haha....everything really is kinda just crazy here.... I'm onto my sixth companion, third area, third zone in this change....and there's still two weeks left! But it's all good, just everyday is an adventure :) 

Companion number six this change!;) She's so so cute. But. I seriously look like a giant next to her!!!! 
My mini missionary went home last Monday...haha she wrote her family and they told her that they wanted to come home soo she left that night! So I then joined a trio with the other hermanas in Concepcion.... but then another girl went home, so I"m with that girls companion, Hermana Montepeque! Aaand we're working in the two areas, Jardin and Concepcion==President said we could take taxis back and forth to do what we needed to do! But it's super super expensive, and takes like 30 minutes in taxi, so mostly we are working in Jardin because President decided he wants elders where there are hermanas, so he's gonna take my area out of Concepcion just because everything's so crazy we don't really have investigators :( sooo everything's kinda weird, and I don't really know where I belong.... it's been kind of hard, I just fall in love with the people so fast and then I have to leave!!!! But it's okay. I know the Lord is teaching me a lot here, and that really I'll end up where He needs me to be always!! 

Also I was at the Bishop's house here in Jardin and they made me pray in was so hard!!!! I seriously had to stop for like 30 seconds in the middle of the prayer because I really didn't know the words to say! Haha so that was fun

We had a cool experience while in a taxi from Jardin to Concepcion this week! We became really good friends with the taxi driver...they were trying to teach me how to teach Spanish, asking about Utah...super fun stuff! Then he really wanted to know what we believed. And so we explained the Restoration and gave him a Book of Mormon. And he said that all was good, but that really, no one can really know for sure that something is true...religion is just something that people do because they want to believe something! And I am so so grateful that I was able to testify 100% that I know that this is true!! What a blessing it really is to know that what we dedicate our lives to isn't something just created by men, but it really is the Church of Jesus Christ, the way to happiness in this world, that we know that we can be with our families forever!!! 
 Everyone thought that we looked a lot like siblings...I guess he kinda looks like Spencer! I don't know. My goal by the end of the mission is that people really think I'm Tica. 

Oh!! And we had the Primary Program this week!! So so cute. And it's even cuter in Spanish too. 

Anyway, I love you all so much!!!!!! 

Fun with hair.
Love, Hermana Moon 

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