Monday, November 9, 2015

November 9, 2015 - sleep talking in Spanish

This week has been kind of crazy, a whole lot of changes, but it´s been good! I¨m learning to trust in the Lord, and trying to learn to trust in the plans that He has! 

I have another mini missionary!!! She´s super cute. Her name is Hermana Hurtado and she is a convert of like a year! It´s been super fun. She´s so great...haha every free minute she has she pulls our Preach My Gospel to read! I think she´ll be here for like a month, until the next changes! She´ll also probably get her mission call while she´s here with me, so that´ll be fun! 

Ha, something funny... I´ve totally started just sleep talking in Spanish just missionary stuff. My companions have told me I´ve prayed, started teaching the first lesson, and I´ve woken up a few times in the middle of the night finding myself asking for references in Spanish.... haha 

A lot of what we´re doing is just trying to learn the area and just get new investigators because the two of us don´t really know the area! So it´s been a good experience. And I´ve noticed something really cool! Honestly talking people doesn´t bother me usually...but still sometimes I feel a little scared to approach some people, or knock certain doors, and I don´t know why... and this week I´ve decided to just talk to those people when I haven´t wanted to... and almost every time, when I´ve felt this fear, or this pareca (little bit of laziness) to do it, and then we actually do it, these are the people that receive us!! Honestly, we shouldn´t feel afraid to talk with anybody to share the news of the gospel! Because it really is the way to happiness in this world, and really, I know that this message is for everyone, and that there are always people to receive it! This week in leadership meeting I loved what someone said.... Elder Ochoa, a member of the Seventy for Costa Rica, said that there are thousands over thousands people prepared in EVERY area...hard areas really don´t exist. We just need to work and find those people that are waiting for us! 

Some days are hard, but I really love being a missionary. Sometimes I find myself walking down the streets, looking at the beautiful world, and just feeling SO happy!! Even on days when things aren´t working out, and days that are hard... I just am so so grateful for this opportunity I have to share the gospel with the beautiful people of Costa Rica! 

Love you all so so much!! 
with Hermana Geis at Mission Leadership Council


Love, Hermana Moon 

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