Monday, November 9, 2015

November 2, 2015 - becoming

Happy November!! Haha, everyone here is going crazy decorating for Christmas. Ticos go all out. Well, it all started actually in September because Halloween and Thanksgiving don´t exist´s so fun haha. I love Christmas!! 

We had a cool experience this week with an investigator named Olga. She´s from Russia but has been here for years and years. And it was really interesting and cool because it was the first time ever that I¨ve taught someone who really didn´t know for sure if God existed, who didn´t have faith. Because the people of Costa Rica, all of them really have a lot of faith. Basically everyone goes to church, mostly Catholic, and everyone loves talking about religious stuff. But Olga wasn´t sure if God´s even there. Because her daughter has been super, super sick now, for years, and her husband died, and she just wasn´t sure. And it was so cool to be able to testify and feel that God really did exist, that He really did love her and He really has a plan for her. And she´s starting to read the Book of Mormon, and she really wants to learn more. 

We had Zone Conference with President this week and it was incredible. We talked about how the Plan of Salvation isn´t really like the drawing that everyone draws on the Sunday School blackboard...but it´s more like a ladder, going up towards heaven. And every day, we should be striving to move up the ladder. Everday, we should ask, ¨Que mas me falta?¨ Or, what more should I be doing? What´s holding me back on our spiritual progression? And as we do this, every day we should be feeling the love of our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ more and more as we move up the ladder. And, we won´t be perfect, probably not in this life, but every day we can try more!  Really this whole life is just a journey of spiritual progression upward. I love something that Brother Griffin told us last year in Book of Mormon class....that the Plan of Salvation isn´t only about getting somewhere, but about becoming something, someone. He tied it to the story of Nephi at the beginning of the Book of Mormon...if the Lord really wanted them to get to the Promised Land, why did they keep having to go back to Jerusalemn? He didn´t want them to just get to the Promised Land, but to becomemore obedient, more consecrated, to change on the way, to become better disciples of Christ. And I love that!! We are trying to get somewhere...the Celestial Kingdom, but on the way, we do need to become someone new too, through the experiences we have here! Super cool. 

Rainy season ended!! At least, that´s what everyone says, that in November! Haha, we´re pretty excited about not having to blowdry our agendas every night we´re just geting ready for it to get really cold! well, really cold for Costa Rica haha.Probaly isn´t like Utah. But I´m excited to see what it´s like! 

K! Love you all so so much!! 

Love, Hermana Moon

Zone Conference

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