Wednesday, May 25, 2016

May 16, 2016 - if we're soaking wet, it's not just from the sweat!

Hi! :) 

This week was good. And really fast! I don't really remember what we really did....well, we preached the gospel! And the rains started this week, so that's exciting! I love the rain. And haha now if we're soaking wet it's not just from the sweat! ;) and it's been fun teaching my companion Primary songs in English that talk about rain haha. Dad, like you taught us Give Said the Little Stream in Spanish when we were like 4, she'll teach it to her kids in English! :) 

We're really praying for Javier and Ivannia. They're such Mormons!!! Honestly, them and their three kids are just the best, and have such good values, and everything...and look and act like members...Just...... they're not yet!! This week we were teaching a lesson outside to some new people and Javier and Ivannia passed on their bikes, and waved and smiled at us and them. Later we passed with Javier and Ivannia and they said that they're friends with them, and they want us to tell new people that they're members of the church. And we were like.........well........almost!!! Just missing a ring and a legal document and the water...and then yes, you're members!! In Central America this week the area presidency has a thing called Family Week, and they went to all the activites in Guapiles, and have lots of Sundays in church, and they're decided to be members...but...they just need to get married. And we don't really know what to do....they're trying to some land they have to have the money, and just waiting til they can find work....and they-re too embarrassed to like sell tamales which is what everyone does here when they need money, it's super normal and everyone understands. But it's been like two months now. I don't know. So we're going with them on Tuesday with the Bishop, and we're hoping that we can help them realize that everyone in the church is a big family and willing to help in situations like this, so they can make a covenant with the Lord and receive even more blessings!! So yeah. We sure love them, and praying a lot to know what to do...if it's okay to wait, or if we need to be hard with yeah. pray for them please! :) 

I love teaching the Restoration to people who really want to know the truth. I love when we explain the first vision...and the people then ask, but how do you know that that really happened? And they have so much desire to be able to know for sure also. We had some really great lessons with Umber this week. When we first started teaching him, we mostly focused on repentance, and the Atonement, and everything.....and we talked about the Restoration, but not a whole lot. So this week we really focused on why Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon are so so important. He likes church, but he needs to know why he should keep going, no matter what happens in the future....that he shouldn't just get baptized because we were the first missionaries to invite him! He should do it, in this church, with this authority, because this really is the same church that Jesus Christ formed, and it's perfect.

And, I love the Book of Mormon a lot. I was just thinking about it this week, how much I love to go and read a chapter with converts or investigators, and I love watching them find a love of the Book of Mormon too, being so excited to find out what happens next in the next chapter. We are so blessed to have this other testament of Jesus Christ!
It's hard to always look presentable as a missionary. But it helps if you buy an umbrella to match with every outfit..
And yeah. I love you all lots and hope you have a blessed week! :)

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