Wednesday, May 25, 2016

May 23, 2016 - I could make the best Patronus in the world

Hi! :) 

Great things from this week: 

1. Finding out Spencer's mission call!!!!!! When Sister Carmen called me on Thursday and told me that she knew where he was going...I couldn't wait til Monday! And Spain!!! I had been telling everyone I want him to come here but if he can't Spain is cool too I guess

2. Miracles!!! So we've been praying a lot a lot for Javier and Ivannia, right? Tuesday night we had a lesson with them and the Bishop came with us...And Bishop Crawford is seriously incredible. He's a convert of 8 years and since he got baptized he's seriously dedicated his life to the gospel. Anyway, so we had a lesson about the Family a Proclamation to the World, and mostly it was just the Bishp and Ivannia talking for like 30 minutes back and forth about how they LOVE the church and know it's true and talking about the churches they went to before...and me and my companion and Javier just sat their smiling....but then they ended that, and we had to get down to the real purpose of everything...and try to get them to commit to get married and baptized. But they kept on saying the same excuse, they don't feel like they can right now, they have to wait til their situation gets better......but the Bishop starts talking for like 20 minutes about how they need to do it now, and about pride, and just a lot a lot of things. And at the end.....they said yes!!!!!!! They'll get married and baptized on June 11. :) I was so, so happy at the end. Haha I felt like if I were Harry Potter I could make the best Patronus in the world. And they're so happy and excited too. so happy for finally have made the decision to follow more Jesus Christ in their lives as a family.  So yeah. We're excited and super grateful for the Bishop's help and to the Lord!! 

3. I turned 20! I honestly wasn't expecting anything big for my birthday, and I was already super happy with the week with Javier and Ivannia and having found out where Spencer was going. And then my companion gave me a banana for my present, and Hermana Tabora called me and sang to me in my two favorite people in Costa Rica remembered me and I was so happy and content, it was a great birthday with just that! :) we don't have a ward mission leader right now cuz he just left for Guatamala so the Elders told us on Tuesday that we were going to have the correlation meeting on Saturday at 7 at the bishop's house! and honestly I didn't expect anything...but I walked in and it was a surprise party! So so so so nice. And we ate pizza and they sang and the bishop's wife gave me a super nice bag, and they gave us another pizza...I love these people so much!! They're such good examples in how to really love people. 

4. rain and rain and rain 

And yeah. lots of other great stuff happened too but this letter is already long. But yeah. Thanks for your prayers and for being great and I love you all! 

Love Hermana Moon 

preparing for the party
still preparing (sorry it's sideways)

from Hna Dominguez

bag is from Carmen

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  1. She is such a darling cutie! Love her reaction and big huge smile at the surprise party, it was too adorable! And that bag is gorgeous, what a treasure (it will be handy around BYU!). So fun to hear them sing in Espanól y English!