Wednesday, June 22, 2016

June 13, 2016 - Saturday was a special day!


Saturday was such a special day! It was beautiful and rainy and cool and Javier and Ivania got married!! And it was so beautiful. And President Hayes and Sister Hayes came, and then they got baptized!!! I am so so grateful for all the miracles and the work of the Lord in this family. And I know for sure that in a year when they get sealed I'm coming back. So put it on the calendar Mom ;) But really I sure love them a lot, and I wish you could all know them!

and also..well...haha mostly we've just been looking for new investigators! But we've decided we're going to stop working where we've worked for the last...almost seven months haha. It's been funny, every time the elders try contacting people there, everyone says, öh, a Gringa and a short latina talked to us last week,"or, ÿeah, they've already talked to us, they came and shared something last week."haha they all joke that my mission call didn't say Costa Rica San Jose said Costa Rica, neighborhoods Geranios and Naranjos...because I"ve seriously only worked there for the last seven months. But yesterday, we decided to take a bus for a half hour and work in a new area, and we went with a wonderful family!! A friend of a member who years ago always went to church, but never got baptized because her husband didn't want anything. but we went with him, and he said that for the last couple weeks he's been thinking a lot about the church, and said that now he's interested, and we were able to put a baptismal date! So we're really hopeful with them. And hopefully we can find lots of other great people. :) 

And yeah. Everything is great! Love you all and miss you all so much!!! 

Love, Hermana Moon :) 
baptism of a beautiful family!

making tamales earlier in the month

wedding of beautiful couple before baptism

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