Monday, September 19, 2016

September 12, 2016 - adios, Hermana Madrid!

Hola familia!!! 

This week was good!! Best news....Humberto said he is getting baptized the 17th!!!! So, it's super sad because Hermana Madrid flies out of Costa Rica on the 15th..... but it's okay, she knows she helped so so much in his conversion. And, he is so happy to finally have decided, and is telling everyone, and it is great. :) We are so grateful for the decision he has made!!! Thursday he told us that he was watching the news and seeing stuff about the wars and everything and all the problems in the world.... and he said he had the thought, why am I still doubting about making this step? if there's so many problems, why will I add more to the world? So he stopped smoking, and yeah! :) yay!! I'm so amazed by how the Spirit has worked in his life, and his love for the scriptures, and learning, and repenting, and becoming better.   He is seriously incredible. and hahah now I think the goal of the ward is that he gets married.... we're going to do a family night tomorrow with another woman in the ward who is single with the familia Jimenez haha, they planned it out.... so it's great! Haha I love this ward so much. 

And....everyone else is doing well! Maria Else and Alejandro came to church again! But, it was sad.... they live super far away, and have 4 little kids, so they got there late again, like at 10:45. But, I love seeing how much they are trying to do the right things, to keep the commandments and receive the Lord's blessings. :) 

We had the leadership meeting this week, and I can't say enough that President Hayes is the best president of mission in the whole world. He asked us, what our mayordomia... I think that means like stewardship or responsibilities as a leader are. And everyone was saying like, have a perfect area, be a good example, be perfectly obedient.... lots of things. And he told us, that it's to love. That we need to learn how to love the Lord, love the other missionaries, love our areas perfectly. That he is here, because he loves us and loves the Lord. And, that we should learn to develop so much love for the Lord that we are always perfectly obedient, that we can help the other missionaries have this same love so they can have all the success the Lord wants for them. I don´t know, I wish you gys could all just sit and listen to him teach!! !! He just has so much love, it's so inspiring, and listening him makes me want to be so much better. So, I want to be better, want to learn to love the Lord, my companion, the whole mission, the people of Costa Rica. 
  ​last day with the compañera!!! so sad. 

we have a cosechas like 2 minutes from our house. it's the best. 

And, I'll be having a new companion, because Hermana Madrid is leaving! I'll be training a new missionary. Haha, I always get super nervous training.... but I'm excited, it'll be a great adventure. And all the new missionaries come from Honduras, so I'll get to keep enjoying baleadas, the typical food of there, and hearing her say cheque, pues. haha it'll be fun. :) 

and with Humberto and a family who has been so wonderful to let us always teach in their house!! he kept saying to her, ''foto sin pila''.....picture without the baptismal font haha. we will send her lots of pictures on saturday
Anyway, I love you all so much!!! Have a wonderful week :) 

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