Monday, September 19, 2016

September 19, 2016 - Day 1, Year 0 of his new life


This week was good!!! Some great things! 

1. New companion! :) She is named Hermana Vargas, and is from Tegucigalpa! She´s the tallest companion I´ve ever had, so that´s exciting (.....I´m still taller, but, she´s almost as tall as me)...and with that, she walks the fastest! so it´s been fun haha. It´s been fun seeing her do things for the first time... yelling UPE to knock the doors, teaching the area, studying and teaching and everything. I´m remembering a lot my first few weeks as a missionary. I´m excited to learn a lot from her, and to see miracles together. 

2. Humberto got baptized!!!! He´s been so excited all week. He kept saying, that 17 of September is Day 1, year 0, of his new life. And that before he was a mason... (like the freemasons, in national treasure! haha. I don´t know a lot about them... just that they are very smart and that Joseph Smith and a lot of the prophets have been them)...but now he´s going to be  a Mormon. And on Saturday night, he was baptized!! And lots of members came to support, and it was just such a wonderful day. I am so so grateful for the opportunity to be a missionary, for the huge miracle we had in finding Humberto and seeing his conversion process. Being a missionary is the best life ever. 

3. It´s been super sunny!!! I love the sun. It rains a lot a lot here... and I like the rain. But the days where it´s sunny all day it just makes me feel even happier. :) 

4. It was independence day here the that means..... now Christmas is coming!!  Therés no Halloween or Thanksgiving here, so right after independence day it´s just time for Christmas, and Christmas decorations! haha so it´s fun seeing stores starting to put Christmas stuff out, singing Christmas hymns always. 

....and I know a lot of other great things, I just can´t remember and there's not a lot of time. But, everything is going really well. We´re ready to learn and work a lot more in the work of the Lord this week, and see more miracles and invite more people to come unto Christ. 

And, I love you all!!!!!! Have a great week. :) 

the money is so cool in costa rica. and in those little animals it totally says pura vida in letters super super small. it's so cooool!! i just found that out this week. it's so neat. 

and humberto!! yay! 
la zona.... before changes! 

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