Monday, September 19, 2016

September 5, 2016 - campeonas de zona toyapan

Hi family!!

All is well!! Yesterday we had Stake Conference. I love seeing the strength of the Church here when lots of members are together. And, it was great, Humberto could go to both the adult session Saturday, and on Sunday! and Hazel and Ariel came on Sunday. We hope they could feel the Spirit we felt, and that they can receive answers about baptism. 

Humberto is doing really well....but he still just says he hasn´t felt an answer about being baptized, and he says always he´s a man of his word, and so he is scared to be baptized if he can´t keep the commitment! But, we feel he´s so ready!! He hasn´t missed church for 2 months now, hasn´t missed a day of reading... so, we just keep praying for more faith that he can pray and really get his answer!! Because he is so, so good. 

We also had a good lesson with Maria Elsa and Alejandro. They work in selling clothes, and Sunday is the day when most people are in their houses, and they really do need money, because they have four little kids. But, we shared the lesson with them about Elijah the prophet when he told the widow to give him food to him first, and then after they didn´t lack in food ever. So, we talked about sacrifice, and having faith in the promises of the Lord, with not working on Sunday and going to church. was a really good lesson. they said that after this Sunday, they will not put appointments for Sundays, so they can go to church, and not work and keep this commandment of the Lord. and, they also committed to getting married!!! So, it was a great week with them. They are loving reading the book of Mormon as a family, and I love visiting with them. 

And yeah! Everything else is great!! It´s been raining a lot, so that´s been fun! :) And we´re ready to have fun the last week of Sister Madrid´s mission and see miracles!! 

Bye, love you all lots!! 

I had one of the proudest, best moments of my mission this week

There´s this game we play here, where someone goes in front and starts reading a scripture and we all look for it and when we find it we stand up and start reading from there. we play for like 10 minutes, and give points and everything

anyway. I´ve been dying to win!!!!! I always win a couple of times, but my zone leader always ends up winning. 

but finally, finally, this Wednesday, in zone meeting, WITH President Hayes there and my companion finally won!!!!!! so we have the honor of having the cup with us this week. campeonas de zona toyopan por fin!!! 

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