Monday, September 19, 2016

August 29, 2016 - a big sacrifice for them to come to church

Dear family, 

This week was good!! 

Humberto is still doing well. He´s completely stopped drinking coffee, for a week now, and he says he doesn´t miss it anymore, and that hot chocolate is the best thing ever haha. But..he is still having troubles with stopping smoking. But, he´s working so hard to be able to do it!! He understands repentance so well. We´ve been having lessons about that in gospel principles, and I¨ve loved listening to his testimony about the Atonement, and that we learn and progress from the mistakes we´ve made. And, this week is Stake Conference, so I don´t think his baptism would be this weekend. But we´re hopeful for the next! 

This week the ward did a Noche de´s like family night but as big groups. It´s so fun. And, Hazel and Ariel and Humberto could come. After, they all commented how they loved that the church focuses so much on families. Humberto shared with everyone that he felt like he was now part of a family, and that he had never really felt that way before. I´ve loved seeing how the ward has really loved these new people, and showed charity and service to them. Moravia really is such an incredible place. 

We´re also teaching a family, they could only make it for the last hour of church last week...but the husband said he absolutely LOVED it, because he could see that the church is a church of order, and he knows that God is a God of order. They have five little kids under the age of ten, and it was a big sacrifice for them to come to church last week. And, we had talked to them about baptism a lot before, but they said they needed to come to church to see.... and they accepted a date this week! It´s not til like the end of October, because there´s a lot of things to work out with them...they need to get married and everything....but we´re so happy because they have really shown that they want to be closer to God and have sacrificed to be able to keep commitments. 

And....I don´t really remember what else happened this week! But everything is going well! :) We keep working on finding new people, and strengthening our own testimonies in the restored gospel. I know that the Church is true, and I´m grateful for the opportunity to share this message every day. :) 

Love you all! 

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