Monday, August 22, 2016

August 22, 2016 - look at the church through an investigator's eyes

This week was super fast. 

On Tuesday, we had a super great lesson. There was a girl named Hazel, she´s 19, and before she went to church for like months in the area of Coronado because she didn´t know she should go to Moravia. Anyway... like two weeks ago her and her boyfriend, Ariel, came to church!! And we´ve been having a hard time going with them but finally we got to go with them! She told us that she has already read like up to Jacob in the Book of Mormon, and has prayed and knows it´s true. And that she went to a lot of different churches before, and went to the church, and LOVED it. Her boyfriend has never really believed in God, but his grandpa died a while ago and has lots of questions about the Plan of Salvation. And Hazel went again yesterday to church, and they´re both reading the Book of Mormon. So it´s exciting teaching them! 

And Humberto is doing good!! He had his interview on Saturday, and passed! And it´s so cool, because the elder who did the interview said that honestly it was like doing an interview with someone who had been a member for like 40 years! But... he said that today, Monday, is his last day of drinking coffee and smoking. And, he really is a man of word. But we´ll go with him tonight and see, and so hopefully this weekend he can be baptized, but if not, very soon. :) 

And Yadira came to church yesterday!!! She´s super super Evangelical, but has always been super open to learning... and yesterday finally she came to church, and she said just to see how it is, because to really learn how are the Mormons she had to come. And, I think she loved it. She was paying so much attention, asking questions in the classes, said she really felt the Spirit during the Sacrament.... and she just looked so happy at the end!! 

I love the Church. And I know it´s true! We were talking to a member, who has been incredible with Humberto...he´s the elder´s quorum president, and he like takes Humberto to do visits with him and everything. Humberto said to him that when he came to church, he was so surprised because he found people who believed like him!! But he didnt know it existed. And he said he loves everything, that everything is so new to him and amazing. So the member was like, sometimes when we´ve been members for a long time, or our whole life, we fail to realize how perfect and incredible really the church is. So, yesterday, during the meetings, I was trying to look at the church through an investigator´s eyes. And yeah. The Church is so perfect and incredible. It´s so focused on the family, and the progression that we all need to have to become more like our Savior, Jesus Christ, through learning and teaching and serving. I´m so grateful to be a member of the Lord´s restored church, and share this message of hope. And yeah. Everything´s great. I love my companion so so much, and love the members and people here. And I love the gospel, and my Savior, and the experiences we are having here. 

Falling asleep again after planning.
eating lunch at the church building
okay! bye! have a great week! :) 

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