Sunday, August 21, 2016

July 18, 2016 - finding the people who need the gospel right now

Hi everyone!!!

It was a great week. And I don´t really know why...but I´m just feeling super happy today! I love being a missionary. 

Victor got baptized on Saturday!!!! It was so wonderful. He has such a great testimony of the Book of Mormon, and he knows so much!! He always answers all the questions in gospel principles haha. And he is such a fun guy. We are hoping that he goes on a mission in a year!! Because he would be an incredible missionary. I´ve loved seeing how excited he is about learning more about the gospel and the Book of Mormon and everything. I love the people that I am meeting here. 

Victor and his family - they are wonderful people.
Also...yesterday was just really a day of miracles! So we´ve been contacting lots and lots of different people. And I am terrible at remembering who people are. I write their names in my agenda....but I never know who they are haha. So we just have a list of numbers and people and have to call to figure out who they are! Anyway, we had talked to two couples this week...Kony and Javier, and Judith and Andres.Judith and Adres were super great. They said they wanted us to visit them on Sunday, and were interested in going to church on Sunday too. So we called what we thought was them...but we called instead Kony and Javier cuz we didn´t remember their names haha! So we were walking around outside their house and Kony said she was outside their house looking for us too...and like 10 minutes later we totally realized we had messed up with the people and had to run where Kony was! And Kony and Javier had been a different contact, where Javier immediately said that we adore Joseph Smith and he wants nothing to do with a church. But we bore our testimony to them, and Kony said she wanted to learn more! But that we waited til Javier was gone during the week to visit. was actually super good that we messed up and called them instead and visited them on Sunday. Because it was a wonderful lesson. Javier said that they had been talking during the week about us, and the church..he mentioned polygamy and everything and doubts..but even knowing all that, he said that he wants her to learn for herself, he wanted her to have a Book of Mormon, and she said she would like to be baptized, but needs to learn everything. And her 10 year old grandson was there, and he loved everything, and in the closing prayer, he said, thanks for sending these girls for teaching about this religion, because I didn´t know anything about it, and I like it, and I want to be was great. And we invited them to church, but she says she works Sunday mornings...but that she is willing to leave her work if she learns more and she likes it. And no one ever says that!!! So we are super grateful that we called the wrong couple because we honestly weren´t going to go with Javier and Kony for a long time, because he had a lot of doubts! But the Lord knows where we were supposed to go. And now tonight we´re going with the other couple, so we´re excited to see how that goes too! :)  

Also, last night we had an activity with the ward to go look all the pepole from the SIMI...I don´t know what that is called in English..but the list where all the all the members all, all the inactives from years and years. So we went and looked for people with the whole zone, and we got back to where we work like at 8, and a member had cooked dinner and was waiting for us.... But we did not want to end the day with only one lesson..... so we decided we had to at least enter another house to sing a hymn and say a prayer before we ate with the member. And we passed a house, where there were like 6 people outside and we kept walking.... but then the two of us felt like we had to go back, so we talked to them. And it turns out, that there, the dad of the family had died this last week, and he had a restaurant, and the missionaries before had eaten there, so they said yes!! and we go inside ... and there are like 30 people there!!! all the family members. And we sang and prayed and testified, and we´re going back tomorrow to teach more of the plan of Salvation. And it was such a neat experience, knowing that if we want to work, and we listen to the Spirit, we really can find people who need the gospel right now. 

And yeah! Sister Ascencio and I are just really happy and grateful for the little miracles we´re seeing. We´re hoping to see more, and see more people be able to make it to church, and really find joy in the gospel like we have.

And I love you all!! Have a great week!

Love, Hermana Moon 


we just eat fruit all the time because we don´t have someone who cooks us lunch 

and we have a big fridge here... first time in the mission!! it´s like heaven 

Other notes from an email she sent:  things about my new area that are great. 
1. sunsets. I never saw a single sunset in my other areas 
2. the lady who owns the house is so cute and always stays up at night to make sure we get home good
3. well this isn´t great. but McDonalds is two minutes from my house. SO WEIRD coming from Guacimo where the closest fast food was like.... 2 hours away haha

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