Sunday, August 21, 2016

August 1, 2016 - pants? maybe not...

Hi family!!!

So kinda sad news... my companion has changes!! :( I really loved these six weeks with Hermana Ascencio. She's such a great friend and great missionary. I learned so much from her about humility and just really loving everyone. But... it's honestly not too sad because she's going to the ward right next door and we'll see each other like twice a week for district meeting and Mondays to play futbol! So it's all fine :) And my new companion is Hermana Madrid and she's also coming from a ward right next door on the other side haha..... and she only has one change left!!!! So it'll be kind of interesting! But I'm excited to work hard and have fun and it'll all be great! :) 

So we had our first real lesson with Humberto this week...and it's incredible. he LOVED church, said it was marvelous, and he can't stop learning more. He went to the church's website and loved it, he wants to know all the rules and commandments of everything, he's been reading so much of the book of Mormon...well, mostly the guide in the back so he can learn everything!! So we put a baptismal date with him for the 29th of august, and he's super excited. We just need to work a lot with the word of wisdom, because he smokes a lot and says he likes coffee a lot. But it's okay. The Lord prepares people so much, it's incredible. 

And what else has happened this week...Oh!!! President Hayes came back!!!!!! So we are so so happy. He was gone for more than a month but he came back!! I sure love him and Sister Hayes. In the meeting on Saturday he talked a lot about why we're obedient. And he has really changed my perspective on obedience. He said, we're not a mission that has a checklist of things to follow, because we don't follow the law of Moses. We follow a higher law...where we're obedient for love to our Savior." And this way of thinking has really changed me so much in this last year. Because, I think before the mission sometimes I was obedient because I was scared what would happen if I didn't, or obedient to have all the blessings... but really, we should be obedient because we love the Lord, and that's the higher law that Christ gave when he came to the world and did His Atonement. And I hope I can remember that always, remember to be obedient always because I love the Lord, and His gospel. :) 

Oh. And. We got our pants this week. Hahahha they're so funny. I just don't feel like a missionary! But we don't have to use them often. Thank goodness cuz everyone just makes Elder jokes all the time haha 

And pants.  Yep.  She's taller than the Latinos. 
​She and Hna Zerilli were so happy to see each other at leadership mtg.
Oh... and news about Guacimo because I still love that place so much :) last week, finally, they teared down the chapel and started going to church in a high school because now the people just don't fit in the chapel!! haha, since I got there in December they said they were going to start in March... and finally now they did it. And they're sending a bus around at 8 in the morning to pick everyone up because the school is super far away... and last week 130 people went!!!!!! That's more attendance than I think we ever had. I just got so happy hearing that. I'm kind of sad because I totally wanted to be a part of the bus picking people up at 8 in the morning haha because it sounds so fun... but it's okay. It's fun hearing the stories from the people. :) 

And yeah! That's basically it! Have such a wonderful week everyone! :) 

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