Sunday, August 21, 2016

July 25, 2016 - "pioneers"


This week was great. :) We have honestly been so blessed in finding wonderful people who are so willing to listen and progress and we just love them!!! 

My whole time here we've been walking and teaching people on this one street, and at the end of the road there's two guys always like building a house and one always said hi to us! But we never talked to him. But this last week, no one was home and my companion said...let's talk to him! So we went and talked to him. And he's incredible. His name is Humberto Martin....he's a widow of like ten years, and he's never really been too interested in a church. But we invited him to church, and he said yes, we gave him a pamphlet....and we just passed and talked to him super fast on Saturday to see if he still was interested, and he said yes!! and he came to church!! And he loved it. At the end, he said, Ï smoke. But I think maybe it's time for a change, and to be closer to Christ in my life. "So we're really excited to have our first lesson with him this next week. And I saw him after church on our way home, and he was eating an ice cream and he just looked so happy!!!!! When we met him, he just looked like a sad guy, smoking, without a plan. But after church, we really saw a light in his eyes. So we're super excited to teach him! 

Also, my first week here we found an incredible family. They listened to the missionaries 13 years ago, and we've been teaching them, and finally this Sunday they said they'd come to church. And .... almost they came. The mom got sick and the son had an emergency in the house... but the daughter who is 17 and her boyfriend came and they loved it!!! And the family seriously is so cute. They love us so much, want us to go running with them every day, eat lunch with them every day.... I don't really know how to describe them! But we feel super loved. And we love them. And we're excited because part of the family finally came to church!! And the parents felt super bad that they couldn't come, and said next week. But yeah. They're wonderful. And, in honor of Pioneer Day... haha I had told the mom, Isabel, that it is beautiful where I live in Utah and it's like not a bit city... and she told me...I imagine your family being like the Little House on the Prairie haha. haha she thinks we live in like a log cabin and use a handcart because I told her we have a garden. Haha it's so cute. and I think I'm going to print out this picture Kaylie sent me to tell her that she's right. But anyone. hope everyone had an amazing Pioneer Day!!! I'm sure grateful for the pioneers and the sacrifices they did so that we have the opportunity to have the gospel, the opportunity I have to be a missionary, and everything. 

And....yeah! Everything is really great. I love my area, I love my companion, and we really are seeing miracles here. 

Our Little House on the Prairie family (ward activity in July of 2000).  Kiana is the little one on the left.
And..I love you all a lot!! Hope you all have a great week!! 

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