Sunday, August 21, 2016

July 4, 2016 - wearing red, white, and blue

Hi family!!

It's been a great week! We've just mostly talking to everyone that we see and finding new investigators...but we've seen lots of miracles with that! We found a family that 13 years ago listened to the sister missionaires and had gone to church and still has pictures of the missionaires, and the temple...and they're super willing to listen! They had just stopped because the dad is a panadero and had to make bread always on Sundays. but now he doesn't! So we're excited to go again with them this week! Also we've knocked on lots of doors and the people say that normally they wouldn't open, but this day they felt like they should...and we have lots of spiritual lessons and they're really great people! So it's been a good week. :) 

And, we had a super great experience with our investigator, Victor. He's 24, and moved here from Nicaragua like in May to live with his family, who are members. The missionaries started teaching him in May, and he was going to get baptized a couple weeks ago...but he had said he wasn't ready. He wanted to be baptized, but just didn't feel like it was time yet. And he hadn't really read the Book of Mormon. So when I first met him, we challenged him to read the Book of Mormon every day, and he said yes, and then when we went with him 5 days later, he had read up to 1 Nephi 12, and he keeps reading and reading!!! And the next time we went with him, he said that now felt like he was ready. And yesterday in Gospel Principles, the lesson was about the scriptures, and he bore his testimony and said that reading the  Book of Mormon every day was what made him feel ready to make this decision. So we're so excited for him!!!! He is really such an awesome, happy guy. He won't be baptized this weekend, because he wants his uncle to baptize him, but the next. :) I know that the Book of Mormon really is such a key in conversion of the people. 

And...yeah! Everything is great. It's still really cold...but I"m getting more used to it haha. and I sure love my companion. She's the best. I've had so much luck with amazing companions my whole mission.  And we're meeting more ward members, and they're all super good...and just want to feed us a lot haha. 

And, oh, yeah, Happy Fourth of July!!!! I love America. We're celebrating by.....going to the office to get a more lesson 1 pamphlets because we've given all them out by finding lots of news! And wearing red white and blue. But... people also can think I'm just celebrating Costa Rica with those colors. But it's okay. the two countries are great. 

Anyway, love you all so much!! Have such a great week! :) 

Love, Hermana Moon 

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