Sunday, August 21, 2016

July 11, 2016 - miracles in finding people

Hi family! :) 

It was a really fast week. Mostly...we've been trying to find new people! Haha, we find people, and then they us the next lesson they don't really want to change churches. But, it's okay, because we just keep talking to more and more people!! and we know that the people who are ready and waiting for the gospel will come, if we're willing to work and find them! 

And, honestly, we've seen miracles in finding people! We were just walking, and we felt like we should say hi to this girl who is like 25 who was walking in the street, so we did, and she was like, hey! Will you guys come to my house and visit me? and we're like...yes of course!! And we invited her to baptism, and she understands super super well, and really wants to do it. She couldn't go to church yesterday, but we're hopeful for next week! Also, a couple weeks ago in the bus Sister Ascencio sat next to a girl and she helped us find where we were going, and then on Saturday we saw her again in a different bus! So basically a sign from God that we need to visit with her. :)  and she says she is Catholic, and was in a Catholic nun high school and everything, but recently decided that she wants to go to a Christian church. So we invited her to church, and couldn't come yesterday...but said that next week, yes! So we're really honestly seeing miracles by being willing to open our mouth and just speak with the people around us. And we're just trying to have more faith and be happy and just love the area :) 

And the best part of last week...was going to the temple!!!! The ward in Guacimo went on Saturday, and Javier and Ivannia went for the first time so we had permission to go. And oh man. It was so wonderful to see my best friends again. I love the people of Guacimo so, so much. And it was so fun to just be able to see Ivannia, and talk to her again like we had always done in Guacimo!!! And I felt such joy seeing them in the temple, so happy and just such a beautiful family :) Honestly, every sacrifice of being a missionary is worth it seeing converts who just love the gospel and who have really decided to change their lives through the gospel of Christ. And, haha, it was super hard saying bye to them, because I don't know when the next time I see them will be. But it's okay. Now I'm motivated to find and teach and love people in Moravia as much as I did in Guacimo. 

And, another part I loved about going to the was the first time I've gone to the templ
​e with​
 having to 
 through San Jose. And it was so cool seeing members from different parts of Costa Rica taking the bus to all go to the temple early Saturday morning. I love the Saints of Costa Rica, and their faith and their testimonies. They're such wonderful people. And I love the gospel. I love the temple, and I know that it really is the House of God. Also, I love my Savior Jesus Christ, and I am so grateful for his Atonement.....that we can change and repent every day, to try to be a little better. And I have so so much work to do, to be the missionary that I know I should be, and the person that I should be....but I'm glad that Christ loves us so much and gives us this opportunity to learn and grow every day. And yeah. I'm glad to be a missionary, and I'm glad for the challenges because they help us be humble and rely more on the Lord. 

And, I love you all so much!!! And miss you all. And I hope you have a wonderful week! 

Love, Hermana Moon 

​She got to see her friends!!!​
Her new companion is the one in green.​

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