Thursday, October 27, 2016

October 17, 2016 - a hard week

Hi family!!

This week was..... honestly a little hard! But it's okay. Because I know when it's a hard week, the next week will be a lot better. and, sorry, I don't like to just share sad things.... but, this is really what's happened this week! 

We've been blessed with some really, really amazing investigators who love going to church. Hazel and Ariel had 2 months going to church, and were progressing.... slowly, but progressing. But, some members said some things to them last week, and now Hazel tells me she's pretty sure she won't go back to church again. She said she'll still let us come over, but she doesn't want anything to do with anyone else in the church. Sooo that was kind of hard to hear. But hopefully in a few weeks or months they'll decide to come back, because I know that they know that the church is true. 

and, all week we've been really excited working with Maria Elsa and Alejandro.... Tuesday we went with a great member who shared their testimony about how he would never leave the gospel, Friday we went with a member who helped them learn to make cafe of corn cuz dropping coffee was really hard for them and they committed to doing it and they really liked the corn coffee, Friday a member made pupusas and we all sold them to help them have the money to get baptized and they said for sure they were coming to church on Sunday..... and they didn't show up. So we go visit them Sunday night, and they say that now they can't get married and baptized because they're  having a lot a lot a lot of problems as a couple. So, we testified about forgiveness, about the power of the gospel, and all that.... and we're going to keep working with them. But it's just sad to see people so close have so many trials so fast, and the enemy making them feel like they can't change more... and it's just sad, because they say they've seen so so many changes and blessings as a family. But, we know that with the gospel is how really every family can have happiness. We know God doesn't want to see them separated.... but together, as a family, so that they can be sealed. So, we're going to be praying a lot and keep working with them. 

And... we were super excited because Humberto gave us a reference of a family, a mom and dad with five cute little boys all under the age of 9,  and they came to church!!! But the husband told us flat out that he was pretty sure that he was going to go back to his old church after Sacrament Meeting. 

But, it's okay that all these things are happening. Because I know that the Lord wants to see how much faith we'll have, how willing we'll be to keep working and keep loving and keep trying.... And, I honestly feel like Alejandro and maria Elsa will be able to get married and baptized. When, I have no idea, if I'll be able to see it or not. But we're going to keep sharing our testimonies, keep helping them see the blessings in their lives and noticing the changes. Same with Hazel and Ariel. Maybe they won't go back to the church while they're here, but I know that someday, they'll come back. 

Honestly, experiences like this I'm really grateful for. They help me a lot to recognize how blessed I really am to have the gospel in my life, make me super grateful for my ancestors who listened to the missionaries and were faithful and sacrificed to help us have this knowledge, grateful for the people I've met here, for the members and their testimonies.... but mostly grateful for the power of the Atonement. I'm grateful that I can change and repent, and that I know that these people I love here also will, one day.

I love you all so much!! Have a great week. :) 

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