Thursday, October 27, 2016

October 3, 2016 - miracles with Conference

Hello family!!

It's been a good few days since I've talked to you!! I absolutely loved General Conference. I learned so so much. I am so grateful we have a prophet and apostoles today. It's such a blessing!! That so many other people do not have, and don't realize what they are missing! I wish everyone in the world could feel the joy I feel in watching General Conference, that every person had the knowledge of this great experience we have every six months! I loved Elder Anderson's talk, and Elder Cornish's, and Elder Eyring's, and Elder Nelson's.... but really, all of them were so wonderful. I felt like the conference on Saturday was really focused on missionary work, so I really liked that, and it motivated me to share the gospel more, and love the people here more. And, I couldn't help but think about Spencer the whole time I was seeing the missionaries in the MTC choir. I can't believe he leaves today to Spain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Spain will be so blessed for my favorite little brother being there. :) 

And, we saw some miracles with the Conference! Bryan went Sunday morning, and right after the session my companion said that he stood up and said, Well, I'm going to fight to be able to be baptized the 22nd of October!!! I was watching in English, so I wasn't there, but she said he was super concentrated the whole time, but especially in the talk of Elder Ballard... where will you go if you leave the church? And it's incredible, on Wednesday he was drinking 6 cups of coffee a day, and he told us on Sunday he has cut it down to two and a half!!! So, we're amazed and super happy that the Lord is working so much with him, and helping him change his life! and, Bryan loved Conference so much that he decided to stay for the afternoon session!! 

Recently, I've been noticing how much they talk about JOY in the scriptures, and joy with the gospel.  A couple weeks ago I read President Monson's talk about Finding Joy in the Journey from 2008... we have that Liahona in the house, I have no idea why, but it rocks, and since then I've just really been paying more attention to joy, striving to find joy in all the days, walking in the rain, in the sun, visiting the people here. And then I noticed this week as I was reading the scriptures that from Alma 17 to Alma 29, in the chapters where Alma and Ammon and all of them are preaching to the Lamanites, it mentions joy at least 22 times... I might have counted wrong. And then, I noticed that so many people in their talks talked about joy... finding joy where we are... how being grateful in all things we are joyful... joy from repenting, joy in sharing the gospel. Really, this gospel is about joy!!!! This life is about joy. And, really, it's so true. All the things that help me feel joy, are things that have to do with the gospel. My family, seeing other people change their lives, repentance, steps of the plan of Salvation.... all have to do with the gospel. And, I want to keep helping other people find joy in the gospel.. not just here in the mission, but my whole life. We are so, so blessed. :) 

Love you all!! Happy October. :) Love, Hermana Moon 

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