Thursday, October 27, 2016

October 24, 2016 - and a really, really good week

Hi family!!

This week was really really good. 

Miracle!!! So Alejandro and Maria Elsa went to a Noche de Grupo on Friday night, the member was super great to go to their house to pick them up with all their four kids and bring them there cuz they live suuper far away and they really, really liked it. On Saturday, Alejandro told Maria Elsa that he wanted to be married and baptized as soon as possible, and told us that on Sunday when they came to church!!! so we are so so so so happy!!!! So, we just need to figure out if we could plan things for this weekend.... it's just there's the worldwide service day on Saturday in the morning, and we need to ask the members if they could on Saturday night, and do the baptismal interviews like tomorrow!!! But we are so so so grateful for the members here who are being wonderful with them, and for the Lord who really is changing the heart of them and helping them realize the blessings of the restored gospel!! So happy. So, hopefully this weekend, or the next!!!!!!! 

Also this week we went with Bryan! He had had a fecha for the 22 of October.... but... he didn't stop drinking coffee and we couldn't really see him because he had a lot of karate tournaments. But, we went with Humberto, who is seriously the coolest convert ever, and he gave a great testimony about how the sacrifice is worth it, and how Bryan should just start drinking hot chocolate. So we put a new date for the 5 of November, so hopefully he can do it!!! 

What else was cool this week... ummm..... oh, last week we found a 20 year old kid named Diego who said that in the bus he sat by a missionary and she gave him a book, and it was the Book of Mormon, and he said he'd read like most of it!! so we explained to him the Restoration, and he said, he felt something! That listening to people from other churches, he had never felt something like that before, that he just felt good, and felt like it all made sense!! So, we're hoping that we can keep meeting with him and that he can go to church and really really feel that this is all true!! 

saying goodbye to friends she'll see at BYU
jump roping for a lesson at leadership council
And yeah. I love you all! Have such a great week!! 

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