Tuesday, November 1, 2016

October 31, 2016 - things will always work out!

Hi family!!!

This week was good! Super super super crazy.... but it all worked out wonderfully at the end because Maria Elsa and Alejandro got baptized!!!!!!!!! They told us Monday night that they wanted it to be that week, so we talked to members fast, and they had their interviews.... but then, they've told us since....forever ago that they have passports cuz they're from Nicaragua so they need those to be baptized. But we sent the papers Wednesday morning to the lawyer, and he told us that the papers from Alejandro didn't work, that he'd need to go get a provisional passport for 25 dollars. So Alejandro went Thursday morning to get it... we send the papers again... and the lawyer tells us now that the papers of Maria Elsa had to do the same thing!! so she goes Friday morning, the morning of the wedding and the baptism to get hers.... and we didn't know for sure until like 3 hours before the baptism that everything was fine! But, all ended perfectly and we saw so many miracles and the Lord helped us so much, and so so many members helped us so much. The members in Moravia are the best. And they were able to be married and baptized!!!!! The daughter, Anais, who is 8 was also going to be baptized... but she is like terrified of water, so she stepped into the font and started to cry and cry. So, not yet! one day!! it was really sad. But, all ended super well, and they're happy, and we're happy! :) 

And I'm trying to think if anything else neat happened this week...honestly mostly we just were running around for the wedding every day! But, Bryan came to church again, and we've had some good lessons with him, so hopefully in the next couple weeks he can stop drinking coffee! the lesson in Principios del Evangelio on Sunday was about sacrifice, and it was really good for him to hear Alejandro share his testimony about sacrificing coffee to be baptized. So, yeah. :) 
Maria Elsa and Alejandro got baptized!

The Relief Society president in Moravia really magnifies her calling with decorating for weddings for the investigators.
And....everything is great!! next week I'll have more stories about different people hopefully. But yeah. I know that the Lord loves us so much, and that this is His work, and that things will always work out!! 

Love you all! 

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