Wednesday, November 30, 2016

November 7, 2016 - I have met so many wonderful people here

Hi family!!

This week was good!! Honestly... I can't really remember what happened.... but it was pretty normal!! 

We had had good lessons with Karol and Bryan this week, with members and everything..... but neither came to church, Karol's mom came and took her for the weekend, and Bryan we don't kn
w what happened!! So hopefully everything is fine! 

Something else cool.... well, we invite a lot of people to church every week! and, sometimes people say yes, but just don't show up. But there's this lady that we found a few weeks ago named Wilma, and we've gone with her like two times, and she always says she's super super Catholic, but she said she'd come to church! That was on Thursday. We didn
t see her til Sunday morning, and we pass by her house at 7:50, and she's there ready waiting for us to go to church! :) So that was neat, people who really are true to their compromises! and in camino to church, she just kept saying, that she was just going because she likes us, and that she's not going to change religions ever. But, really, it was like the most perfect Sunday ever. Testimony meeting was perfect, principioes del Evangelio was perfect, and it was like the best Relief Society Class ever. and she was participating, and I think she left really, really, happy. So we'll go tomorrow with her, and hopeful
y she'll say she wants to keep coming!! I left church really really happy and motivated, so hopefully she could feel that too!! 

Also, we met the nicest family of Jehovah's Witness yesterday night!! Normally they don't real
y talk to us, but yesterday we were just walking and a guy yells, Elders!! We're sisters, but, it's okay hahah we understand. So we went, and he was like come in, wife, make them hot choco
te and give them cookies!! And we talked to them, and they said the Mormo
s have ran into them like four times!! They are VERY religious in their religion, but they said that whenever we come to Costa Rica to visit we can go to their house to stay so we don't have to pay for a hotel! hahaha so that's nice! But no, we're going to try to go back this week and just talk more to them about the Restored Gospel ,because really, they're wonderful. 

And that's a thing I love about being a missionary. I love meeting people. I have met so, so many wonderful people here, who are so kind to us, without even knowing us, why we're there, or anything. I've felt so much love!! And I hope I can learn to show such love to strangers when I get home. 

What else..... oh, we had zone conference! That was fun. I like being with missionaries. It's so fun. 

anyway, I love you all lots and lots!! 

​Toyopan Zone  - she's the only gringa​

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