Wednesday, November 30, 2016

November 14, 2016 - even dropping phone in gutter is tender mercy

Hey family!!

this week really was just really good. we just worked a lot harder, I felt like, than the week before, and I just felt a lot better!! We found a lot of really great new investigators... really, like every person we met really was interested in listening to our message, instead of just preaching their church to us hahah! because almost every week me and Hermana Vargas have only found people who like to preach to us. So we feel really blessed to have found such incredible people this week! And, we found two inactives who live ridiculously close to our house... like, two minutes walking..... one has been inactive for years, but her grandpa is a temple worker here, and she just got married four months ago to someone who has never heard anything about the church!! and she said we can come whenever we want, and theyre really interested in learning about how they can have a stronger marriage... and the answer is the gospel! :) And then the other, the guy is the member, and he was baptized years and years ago in nicaragua, but now he's living here with his wife who isn't a member! but he has a super strong testimony. They got here, and looked for the Mormon church!! But, they didn't find the church in Moravia, they found one in a close by city, because the church in Moravia is kinda super hidden haha. But the bishop there gave the reference to the elders in Coronado, who gave it to us, and we've passed by like... five times looking for them but haven't found them. And last night we tried again, and the people said that she didn't live there...... So we were like well.... that's weird! but then I dropped the phone in the gutter (like I do like three times a week.......) so we had to dry it off and fix it and all, and in all that time, she left the house!!! so the Lord had a purpose in us dropping the phone so we had to wait more time there so she could come out. And we had a great lesson with her, and she's super intersted in being baptized and the church and everything. So yay! So hopefully we can go back soon with her too!! 

What else happened this week.... well, everyone here is suuuper obsessed with Christmas!! People started decorating in September haha. and they all put SO many decorations and everything. And this week we were just walking, and saw a lady decorating her Christmas tree, and we asked her if we could help and she said yes! and it was my first time decorating a tree in two years so it was so, so fun. and then we got to teach her!! :) 

Also.. we invited So many people to church yesterday, ...... and at the end, no one could go. So I was feeling a little big sad.... but we get there, and a guy named Onasis shows up!!!! He is the guard in like the little grocery store they have right by our house... and I think we invited him my first week in Moravia.. so like... 5 months ago! And yesterday, he finally came!! and, he loved it. So that was a great tender mercy. :) 

Anyway. talk to you next week! 

Love you all! Love, Hermana Moon

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