Tuesday, December 29, 2015

December 14, 2015 - Ha nacido un Salvador

Hey everyone! :)
It was such a great week. We didn't really have too much time to do too much work (we had to go to San Jose for a meeting, service projects, a big party for when the Bishop's son got home from his mission).... but we saw miracles with the time that we had in finding new people to teach, in investigators coming to church. The Lord really is in charge of this work!

We went this week to do service as a zone in an Asilo de Ancianos...nursing home! And it was so great. It reminded me a lot of going to the Providence Assisted Living Center all those Sundays and FHEs...haha, it was just a little harder because I couldn't understand the Spanish very well of them! But, it was fun. I remembered how everyone in PALC loved when we sang old songs from when they were young like You Are my Sunshine....buuut the problem was that I don't know any in Spanish! Sooo I just sang hymns and Spanish and a few songs in English, then I just sang Los pollitos cantan pio pio pio and Feliz Navidad so they could have something they recognized...hahah they just laughed. But it was super great!

Also...we're going to have a White Christmas!!!!! Angel, the daughter of Geraldine and Elidio, has a fecha for the 27 of December. She's so cute!! She's 13 and she is reading a chapter of the Book of Mormon everday and loving it. Also, we have Shirley for the 27 too! It's super cool, Shirley is a girl with 16 years who is SO PREPARED. And it's super super cool because...Hermana Geis was the one who found her! Hermana Geis did divisions here like a month ago and they found her then, and she's seriously so ready and excited. Anyway, so that makes me happy. :) Yesterday we had a lesson with Angel and Shirley together after church and it was just so fun because both of them had so many questions, were loving everything...we taught the Restoration, Shirley had already learned it but we did it for Angel and Shirley was teaching what she remember, and she just looked like such a missionary already! I love all these people that I'm getting to meet here, so so much.

I hope you all have an amazing week, I love you all so much!

Love, Hermana Moon

Full disclosure - she was dealing with lice.  Her sweet companion would spend hours combing the lice and nits out of her hair.  

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