Tuesday, December 29, 2015

December 28, 2015 - Feliz Navidad!

Hey family! It was so great to see you all on Christmas. You all look and sound so good. :)
Google hangouts for Christmas!  It's a miracle to get to talk with family all over.

Christmas was really really good. We spent the morning calling you guys, then eating, and then we did more family history for the temple on Saturday! It was wonderful.

Then, Saturday we went to the temple!!! It was so great. I love the House of the Lord so so much, and I miss it. And, all the converts loved it so much too.

Angel's baptism
Then Sunday...Angel got baptized!! Aw, she was so so excited, it was so great. I love seeing youth getting baptized, and thinking of them in the future, serving missions, getting married in the temple--knowing the differences that having the gospel in their life can make!! Super grateful for the opportunity to know her.
So, basically a super eventful week! It was super great. Aaand the last week of my companion, she's going home on Wednesday! But, changes arent til January 6th. So I'm kind of going to run around crazy the next few days, with members and divisions with other hermanas in other areas haha. Nothing is ever boring here! ;)

with the Elders at the Bishop's house
My favorite part of being a missionary is seeing the progression in the people. Okay so just to tell you a little bit about Daniel and Wendy. They're both 17, Wendy is 7 months pregnant.  They are so great!! Our first lesson we asked them about praying as a couple together every night, because Daniel said he never ever prayed. And every night since they've been praying as a couple! They also motivate each other to read the folletos. Last night we went with Wendy--Daniel wasn't there, so we just went with her. When we asked her at the beginning who she wanted to pray, she asked if she could. And it was her first prayer in out loud in public in her life! and it was so great, we could feel the spirit so strong. They couldn't go to church this week, because they were out of town. But Daniel wants to so bad--he asked if he could go to church this Sunday and just get baptized, because he really wants to change his life. So we explained that he needs to do some changes before--get married, stop drinking and smoking and coffee--but he is so so willing. And he wants to change how he dresses, find a job, everything. There are such incredible and prepared people in Guacimo!

Feliz Navidad!
We are so grateful for the  members who provide delicious food to Kiana!
Also, I love seeing the examples of faith of the Saints here. It's seriously incredible. There's a family of a mom and two daughters who got baptized in October, and yesterday the dad got super mad at them from going to Church...but they still came, walking miles to get to church because they knew that was what they should do. Also, like Geraldine and Elidio--they spend 6 dollars every week to pay for buses to come to church, and neither of them have work right now. But they know the Lord will bless them for their sacrifices. I love seeing these examples of faith of these people here, because it strengthens my faith and helps me realize that this gospel really is true, and is worth whatever sacrifice. 

Anyway, I love being a missionary! And I love you all a whole lot! Happy New Year to everyone! :)

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