Tuesday, December 29, 2015

November 30, 2015 - Things I'm grateful for

Dearest family, 

Things I'm grateful for: 

1. Thanksgiving!! I didn't think that we'd do anything for it because they don't celebrate it here, but a member in Hermana Montepeque's old area invited us over cuz her family always does a big dinner this year anyway! And it was so so good. I seriously think the turkey I had here was the best that I've ever had in my life! Also, it was so nice to see a big happy family here--they had six kids grown kids, all with kids of their own, and it really felt like being back home at a family party! So that was fun.

2. Being a missionary!! I love the experiences and miracles I get to see. Yesterday Nelson got confirmed!!! That was so great. Last week I didn't say very much about him.... but so yeah. He's 79!!!! And he was Jehovah's Witness for like 35 years, but never got baptized because they told him he was too contrary with too many things. And he owns a little shop where he sews pants and suits, and the missionaries came, and met with him, and three months later decided to get baptized!! Seriously he loves this gospel. He always says, "The Book of Mormon is such a good book." And whenever we're visiting him he just pulls out a bunch of fruit that he makes us try. So fun. 

3. The Opportunity to Learn to Live with Change: I've never really liked change. I get super attached to places, and people, and things too easily........but here I'm learning to live with it! I just need to think of every change as a new adventure! :)  Wednesday I'll be heading to another new area...haha, hopefully this time for a good 6 months with only 2 companions. I'll miss Jardin a lot...I've only been here three weeks, but I"ve met some incredible people here. But, it's okay, because I"m excited to start this new adventure with this next change. 

4. The Book of Mormon!!! I finished the Book of Mormon for the first time on the mission this last week, and holy cow. Reading the Book of Mormon while being a missionary is an experience that is really really cool. I know this book is true, and this gospel is true, and I'm so grateful for the opportunity I have to share this book with people who have never before heard of it, sharing the restored gospel with people who really have no direction in their life. 

Life is good. I"m really really happy to be here in Costa Rica, serving the Lord. I love you all so so much, and miss you all, but I really can't think of any place I'd rather be right now in my life than here! 

All my love, Hermana Moon 

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