Tuesday, December 29, 2015

December 7, 2015 - Venid, adoremos!

Happy December everyone!!! :) I love Christmas so so much.  We're starting to share the Christmas story with investigators now...I love the Spirit that comes as you start to read in Luke 2. And I'm super glad we had the opportunity to watch the Christmas Devotional last night....mostly the music, because I couldn't hear super well the talks haha. But I am falling in love with Motab on the mission! I love when they sing In the Bleak Midwinter, the ending part, ''What I have I give Him, give Him my heart.'' We've been asking people here in the lessons what gift they want to give to Christ this Christmas, and I am loving it!! Christmas time on the mission is the best.
So I have a new area!!!!! After the last change being super loco with three areas and like 7 companions..... I'm now set in a place, hahah I hope for the whole year! But now I'm in a place called Guacimo....I'm so in love with it here!!!!!! All the other areas I've been in have been pretty close to San Jose, the capitol, and they've been kind of cities. And cold!! I used jackets like every day in my other areas, in Cartago we could see our breath like every night... But now....haha I feel like I'm in what I imagined Costa Rica to be! It's SO HOT haha. And rains SO much!! And the whole place is like dirt roads, beautiful green plants, huge birds...and everyone says that there's a whole bunch of sloths but I haven't seen one yet! And our house is like a cute little shed without a real floor, it's like the shed floor....I love it so much!!!!!! I wake up every day hearing a bunch of animals and I feel like I'm camping in the wilderness and it's the best. :) We live in such a beautiful world!!!!
Geraldine & Elidio
And, I'm super happy I have a companion!! Her name is Hermana Ortiz from Guatemala and she's so cute and I love her a lot!! Buuut she goes home December 30, she's ending her mission! So, I need to learn the area super fast haha. And it's super big, and there's no mountains here to help give me direction...so pray for me?:)
So, we had a baptism yesterday of an incredible family!!!! They are named Geraldine and Elidio, and they got married a week ago and baptized yesterday!!! I love that there are so many prepared people here!!! But, it's kind of sad....the Elders here were the ones who taught them, and raised money so they could get married.... but then there were the changes and they closed the area....... the Elders were super super sad they had to miss their baptism...... But Geraldine and Elidio are incredible. Geraldine was SO excited yesterday to pay tithing for the first time! And, they have a lot of kids who aren't members, so we're hoping to be able to visit with them! They just live suuuper far away--like 30 minutes in bus, only can at night and the last bus leaves at 7 at night...but the Lord will help us with the scheduling haha...I'm so so bad at planning. But we just need to follow the Spirit and the Lord will guide us always! 

And the ward here. Holy cow it's so incredible!!!!! It was just a branch less than a year ago, but it's grown so so much, and there's been some incredible convert families who are super strong. I'm super excited to get to know these amazing people here even more.
Anyway. I love you all a lot!! I hope you can all think of what gift you want to give the Lord this Christmas, and spread the good news of our Savior and Redeemer to all!
Love, Hermana Moon 

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